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  3. Getting error 80710D36 when I try to get on PSN store, is it me or maintenance?

User Info: Dagoth-Durr

5 years ago#1
Just got back from university to spend a long weekend at home, and I figured I should let my PS3 download some stuff off PSN overnight (Ken's Rage, Jet Set Radio, LoS DLC), and I get this message whenever I try to use the store:

"An error has occured.

It prompts me to press circle to go back, but nope, only way out is by switching off the console.

My internet here is pretty sketchy, but a brief google just turned up a variety of answers most of them being very, very old.

Just got to wait it out and try again tomorrow, or is it something I'm doing wrong on my end?

User Info: Kurizaka

5 years ago#2
Same thing just happened to me.

User Info: FellDude

5 years ago#3
Same here.
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User Info: Dagoth-Durr

5 years ago#4
Well then, looks like it's not me to blame at least. God, PSN seems to have been a bit buggier since it got its 360-style design update. It navigates like a total dream on PC but it's awful on a console, on par with recent Youtube redesigns. the PSP version is the old one - in fact it hasn't been updated in ages.

User Info: zy2j

5 years ago#5
getting the same. 50mbps connection here in Denver. sucks cuz i wanted to give Sony $20 of my cash today for the Jak Collection lol
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User Info: TifaLockhart777

5 years ago#6
Yep. This is happening here too.
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User Info: brycemorr

5 years ago#7
Its not just the PS3. The Vita store your greated to NW-8942-3 error code upon starting.
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User Info: Dagoth-Durr

5 years ago#8
To go for the triple whammy, the internet browser version ( isn't working either. Can't test the PSP version right now.

However, the 'what's new' bar on PS3 startup is displaying PSN offers just fine, but same error if you try to get on via one of them...hmmm...

User Info: Taran_McDohl

5 years ago#9
Oh well...updates are updates..just gotta wait it out.
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User Info: DaddySagSac

5 years ago#10
Same here, haven't read anything that's says maintenance is going on. Sucks been trying to start the new God of War multiplayer.
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