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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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User Info: CyhortI82

5 years ago#141
I buy all my non-Nintendo consoles on launch day.
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User Info: Carpetfluff

5 years ago#142
Didn't get the PS3 until about a year after launch; I already had a 360 and waited until there were at least a few exclusives I wanted so I wasn't just doubling up. Chances are the same thing will happen this time too; especially as a lot of the PS4's first batch of games will likely be on this gen's machines as well.

User Info: antoinejones

5 years ago#143
I got a ps3 in 2010.. as for PS4 well i just got a job sooooo if I still have that job when PS4 is released (or at least still have that job when ps4 pre orders start) then i WILL have one on day one.
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User Info: Haseo18615

5 years ago#144
PS4: When the usual way-too-high Sony console price goes down to a reasonable level.
PS3: Bought it on Black Friday 2011.
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User Info: bigybri

5 years ago#145
PS4: Waiting until Black Friday 2015. I still have a lot of PS3 games to play. If online is free for PS4, I'll be tempted even earlier, just want to wait for a larger hardisk at least 500 GB and software bundled with it, maybe "God of War IV" or "Ratchet and Clank..". I really want a collectible bundle if possible.

PS3: 60 GB fat with BC, for $499.99 in summer (August of '07). Gamestop just lowered the price and I heard that the new models had limited BC. I also sent the in for 4 or 5 free Blue Ray movies ("Invincible", "Blazing Saddles", Stir of Echoes" and at least one other. At the time, Bllu-Ray movies were very expensive, so an 80 value".). I also paid $50 or $60 dollars for a 2nd sixaxis controller and $60 for "Resistance..", "Ratchet and Clank: Tools" and "Heavenly Sword".

PS2: 1 year after launch. The price didn't even go down: still $300, but had to play "MGS:2", it was also my first DVD player and definitely got my money's worth over a decade.

PS1: $299.99 on launch day: 11/95 in US. Traded in my entire SNES collection:(. I later re-bought most of the collection for a fraction more. The PS1 died and I upgraded to a Dual Shock edition for $199.99. Later bought a PSone with the 4.75 inch screen. Really wanted a portable gaming device, a year before the GBA SP came out and fixed that problem.
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User Info: NightDrifter05

5 years ago#146
I'm going to have mine pre-ordered the first day it's available. Now, if I keep the pre-order and actually pay it off is up to what Sony show's at E3. If they have a good showing, some good legitimate info get's released, and it's nice outrageously prices (over $600) then I'll have mine day 1.

User Info: Sirerdrick

5 years ago#147
Bought PS1 when I could afford it.

Bought PS2 at launch (was on local news t.v. airing for it actually), which killed my "I'm sick excuse" that I used to miss school -- whoops.

Bought PS3 in 2011 when I got a good Sony Visa credit card deal and system modding became possible. After going through three PS2 for failed drives, I wanted to be sure that I could continue playing my PS3 even if the drive crapped out.

With PS4 looking to be a PC, I don't think I will get one. I'd rather just stick with my Wii U, PS3, and get a gaming PC again if need be. That or a Steam Box.

User Info: plo617

5 years ago#148
1st PS3 Launch - Died in 09
2nd PS3 November 2012 - Playing catch up with the games that I missed

I predict that will not be buying a PS4 until, at least, two years after launch. This gen (and all of its problems) have soured me from buying launch systems. This comes from someone who been getting launch systems since the NES days.

User Info: dankanefan

5 years ago#149
PS1 bought in summer of 1998
PS2 got for X-Mas in 2001
PS3 bought May 2007 (60 GB)
PSP bought in 2007
PS3 (60 GB) died in November of 2009
PS3 (Slim 320) bought in December of 2009
PS Vita bought the First Edition Bundle in Feb. 2012
PS4 will buy day 1 (My Gaming Blog)
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User Info: smifypz

5 years ago#150
PS3- when slim launched, so August 2009
PS4- not planning on it
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