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Predict when you'll buy a PS4! And when you bought a PS3.

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User Info: potatodood

5 years ago#1
So for reference, PS3 launched in Nov 2006, and first slims came in Aug 2009. Just for this assume PS4 slims will launch in 2013 (according to Sony) and slims will come three years later in 2016 (pure speculation).

Me, bought my PS3 in June 2008, got the 80GB MGS4 bundle (with BC, yay).

I'll wait until a slim comes out for PS4. I may even just buy only games for it during that period waiting for a slim. If FFv13 , Last Guardian or KH3 comes out (lol me), and they look really good, I may just buy it when whichever of those release first and pass on the slim.

User Info: Seri-_-ously

5 years ago#2

User Info: kloud 11

kloud 11
5 years ago#3
bought ps3 a few weeks after launch with Resistance and Motorstrom

will buy ps4 at launch and a copy of KZ4 and Drive Club

User Info: SolaFide

5 years ago#4
Bought a PS3 in February 2012 far later than I would have liked

Would love to get a PS4 at launch, hopefully its first year. The only thing that might change that is if they announce some seriously ridiculous thing about it.
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User Info: Nicodimus

5 years ago#5
PS3 - launch

PS4 - not sure if I will or not. Need more info.
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User Info: King_Burnout

5 years ago#6
bought my Ps3 2 weeks ago, so by that logic ...PS4 in 2021

User Info: TaijutsuJoshua

5 years ago#7
Never bought a system at launch, I like to wait a year or so for the library to grow and it's relevance worth it, that way I don't waste any money.

Got my PS3 November 2009-- Black Friday sale with Arkham Asylum and inFAMOUS... I don't think I need to say those were the best starter games I've ever gotten.
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User Info: echa_One

5 years ago#8
I bought my first ps3 in mid 2010.

ps4... dunno, 2015 I guess? Definately not gonna buy it on release.
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User Info: areeb319

5 years ago#9
PS3-October 2010

PS4-Maybe 2014
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User Info: Godly_Goof

5 years ago#10
PS3 June 2010
PS4 when hell freezes over
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