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Ni No Kuni or Walking Dead + Okami HD?

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User Info: imsalingaway

5 years ago#31
Ni No Kuni. Easily.

User Info: Crimson Skys

Crimson Skys
5 years ago#32
I've played all of them and definitely get Okami HD.
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User Info: USF

5 years ago#33
Ni No Kuni and Okami. The Walking Dead was boring as ****.
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User Info: iTossSalads

5 years ago#34
The Walking Dead over Ni No Pedo, for sure. I just can't support these kiddy loli games. No wonder JRPG's are so irrelevant now. Japan is WAY too obsessed with kids.

User Info: JuanZolo

5 years ago#35
That's a tricky choice. Ni No Kuni and The Walking Dead are my favorite games of the generation. I think Okami is pretty overrated but still worth 20$
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User Info: SpoonSports

5 years ago#36
Ni No Kuni. More content
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User Info: pillowpants41

5 years ago#37
Easy..okami. Seriously get it now
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User Info: realskillz1990

5 years ago#38
okami hd and avoid walking dead
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User Info: XWolfO

5 years ago#39
Okami HD and Ni No Kuni.
It's-a me!

User Info: Ghetto_ninja

5 years ago#40
I played through the first two episodes of the walking dead and it was alright. I don't see what all the fuss is about. Especially since its practically a watered down heavy rain. Its still good don't get me wrong but not game of the year good. More like $5-$10 good. That and I blew through those chapters( there's only 5) in like 3 hours if that You should get something that's going to last if you are on a budget.
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