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How many girl gamers do you think that are there in our gaming community?

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  3. How many girl gamers do you think that are there in our gaming community?

User Info: djiluvu44

5 years ago#1
In your honest opinion - Results (314 votes)
45.54% (143 votes)
36.94% (116 votes)
13.06% (41 votes)
50% and up
4.46% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed. after watching this video, It made me wonder. How many of them are really out there? Are they really just hardcore as most of male gamers? Share your opinion gfaqs.

User Info: The_White_Comet

5 years ago#2
my guess is 10 to 25%

My ex loves borderlands, if you saw her you'd never woulda guessed she was a gamer. My friends gf is a hardcore gamer now because of him. Some chick I met on Demon's Souls plays does alot of gaming but has been busy with school but we always kept in touch since we Soul'd together for awhile. Then theres a few other gamer chicks on my psn list that play FPS and random stuff like Dead Nation, Street Fighter, etc.
I knew a girl once... Gavin... Always used to XciteMe, if you know what I'm saying.

User Info: SpacePirateSeal

5 years ago#3
Who cares? Man, woman, child, alien, all suffer under the might of my MIGHTY MIGHTY button pressing!

Also 10-25% since 15% of my friends list is female.
PSN>TheReal_Seal I'm the official Vega of the universe!

User Info: djiluvu44

5 years ago#4
Girl gamer bump!

User Info: GutarFreak

5 years ago#5
There are plenty about 25% but they're all on the latest cod, which is the problem.
PSN: KodeMunkee
Looking for people to play with :)

User Info: Teepo64

5 years ago#6
Not a lot.

10%-20% sounds right.
"If I kept it any more real, physics as we know it, would cease to remain the same."

User Info: tmons78

5 years ago#7
Somewhere between 10-25% being real girls, with another 10-25% being G.I.R.L.s.

User Info: silly_sausage

5 years ago#8

Girls are cool, girls are classy, girls are the very definition of refinement. They don't drink beer, they don't smoke pot, they don't engage in casual sex, and they most certainly don't play videogames. Shame on you for trying to suggest otherwise.
John Lennon, 1940 - (Infinite Symbol)
PSN: naathaann

User Info: EurAsianGirl

5 years ago#9
I'm one and I'm probably more hardcore than half of the neckbeards here.
JRPG lover and not ashamed of it
Avid fan of the Grandia and Lunar series.

User Info: flintz

5 years ago#10
i know a few of my frds who like to pretend to be girls in mmo's....havent believed any girl gamers exist since(cept for my sister)
"Hans! Look alive! Take the helm! We'll show that fishbowl thing how real men of the sea retreat!" -Captain of the Thames, Xenogears
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  3. How many girl gamers do you think that are there in our gaming community?

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