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Let This be a Lesson Sony Fans

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User Info: Admiral_Xyes

5 years ago#61
guineathewop posted...
I have and Xbox. Actually I've had 4 of them. It's a piece of ****.

The system's a piece of ****
The controller's a piece of ****
The batteries for the controllers are a piece of ****
Both charging devices for the batteries are a piece of ****
The entire Microsoft corporation is a piece of ****

So what I'm saying is I probably won't be getting the next Xbox.

I also have both and my responses to you are:

The system is not crap. I bought an xbox about a month after launch and it lasted for 4 years. I then traded it in because I wanted to buy an elite with more HDD and HDMI. Then when the slim came out, I traded my elite for that and it still works fine. I have never had to send an xbox in for repairs.

The controller is crappier in terms of quality. My controllers need replacing in less than a year. I wish they had quality similar to the DS3. However, I find the xbox controller much more enjoyable. The buttons feel nicer, the triggers are wide, the thumbsticks are nicer and the overall grip is more satisfactory to my hands.

Yea the rechargables don't last as long as PS3 DS3.

Yea the charger cables break after a not so long while

I don't exactly know how to rate an entire corporation considering the wide array of products.

Considering how long I've owned an xbox, I would say the chances of me buying the next gen one are quite high.

User Info: 3D3

5 years ago#62
Ninja fanboy trollol
Because Naughty Dog
Joel+Ellie=Jelly...You Jelly?
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: blitz_0623

5 years ago#65
GOZYT posted...
Since when did i pledge any allegiance?

I do pledge allegiance

User Info: toomanymouths

5 years ago#66
Actually, although I need more games to come out, I am loving the Wii U.

User Info: albanianx1

5 years ago#67
This is coming from a Sony Fan.
I actually laughed. I always find it funny that someone would spend their time trying to convince people to something that he doesn't get anything out of.

You sad sad little boy. :(
Bayern Munich is the strongest club in the world
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(message deleted)

User Info: shunkeatenemy

5 years ago#69
I'll buy the next xbox if OP pays for my gold account.
Can't we all just get a long... stick to beat the crap outta each other with?

User Info: ironbru

5 years ago#70
Bekness posted...
They pretty much fixed the RRoD years ago

No they didn't, I have had every model 360 with the supposedly RROD free chipset in them and all of them except for my slim 360 have had the RROD. The only reason why my slim model hasn't had if yet (apart from the fact that they seem to have finally fixed it with the slim) is because Microsoft hilariously took out the red lights! Technically this means the slim can't get the RROD but in reality it still can, the console just tells you the problem in a different way instead.

My advice to anyone with a 360 is to install your games. Not only will the console not sound like a jet engine but it will produce much less heat. Heat - as well as Microsoft using crappy solder and for some reason thinking putting all the hottest components on top of each other and no where near the fans was a good idea - was the reason for the RROD. The thing got so hot it warped the motherboard!
Current Playing: Front Mission 4 (I finally imported a USA PS2), Forza Motorsport and Wipeout Series.
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