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Let This be a Lesson Sony Fans

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User Info: Bekness

5 years ago#51
They pretty much fixed the RRoD years ago
Flaming Bek

User Info: Kikara13

5 years ago#52
GOZYT posted...
Taran_McDohl posted...
Wow GOYZT...all you do now on these boards is hate on sony....stfu kid and move on.

Or else? Wtf you gonna do about it? You Stfu. . .

i wish i was a mod, that way i could close blatant troll topics like this one...

User Info: blitz_0623

5 years ago#53
Bekness posted...
They pretty much fixed the RRoD years ago

The same way Sony fixed the PS3 after a terrible start, which is the main argument of TC
(message deleted)

User Info: MajesticUnicorn

5 years ago#55
I'll never go back to xbox. Had ps3, sold ps3 and got a 360. Skyrim on 360 sucked cuz of the long load times. switch back to ps3 with my intel ssd and im back in heaven. I was very disappointed not just with the 360 as a platform, but its crappy build quality (had the halo 4 xbox) and how it does not even display a proper HD image. The gamepad sucked and i still had to buy a play and charge kit (of which 50% of are faulty).

I am never going back to a microsoft console ever again. Im back to playing skyrim and GT5 on my ssd. Forza was a total joke for crying out loud.

User Info: CrimsonGear80

5 years ago#56
nah, this one is just way too sad.
DmC is a good game. I also enjoyed the latest Final Fantasy and Resident Evil games. I like video games.

User Info: SubSeenix

5 years ago#57
GOZYT posted...
Disclaimer: This is directed towards Sony Fans who feel as though Sony dropped the ball this Gen. If you are fine with how Sony is doing the following DOES NOT apply to you. You should stop reading and leave.

*InB4inevitable witty comment*

-On Topic-

Next time you consider purchasing a Sony console. Think to yourself "do i really want to go through this again come PS4?"

My friends im here to tell you that you do not have to settle for less. You do not have to be left in the dark not knowing what's going on. You do not have to be constantly lied to. You do not have to stick through endless delays designed to stall for time.

You do not have to wait months and months later for DLC. You don't have to have a second rate online service. You don't have to get the short end of the stick.

There is a better option.

I highly encourage you to pass on the PS4 when it comes out and purchase the next xbox. The grass is much greener on the other side.

This is coming from a Sony Fan.

2nd rate?
PSN+ is far superior to XboxLive - In the last 2 years PSN+ destroyed XboxLive.
Before that i agree but Sony did an amazing job.

And why get a Nextbox?
FOr Call of Duty and Failo?Again only Copy+Paste shooters for the next 7 years?xD
What DLC are you taling about?Skyrim?
Google "100 mods Skyrim" - This is how Skyrim is and should be.That game is fail on every console and Bethesda betrayed console fanboys.
The PC version of Skyrim has FREE 21389723892 Mods that are each 10 times bigger than every DLC and add a lot more content.

It comes down to exclusives and there Sony is the best option.
Except if you are a little kid and like to play copy+paste shooters xD

User Info: gucciburrr

5 years ago#58
Or you can stop being a broke bum and get both consoles and a gaming PC. That way, you don't have to make garbage ass threads showing that you're another anti-social weirdo pledging allegiance to some damn plastic...
Man I hate bein SOOOOOOOOBA!!!!!!

User Info: Bekness

5 years ago#59
I've never heard anyone calling Halo, failo. I've heard someone call CoD Call of Booty, though.
Flaming Bek

User Info: Saberl8472

5 years ago#60
ya sad thing is the PS# was runing on un-finished harware when they came out and still beat X-box LOL and i dont wanna give my money to Microsoft who owns everything
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