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Why does Capcom refuse to make a PS3 Monster Hunter?

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User Info: arstos

5 years ago#21
PAAGGpewpew posted...
Banjo2553 posted...
Yeah, after what happened with MHP3 (Sony refusing to let it get localized),

wait, what?...really?

proof? do you have a link or something? why the hell would sony shoot themselves in the face?

sony america has that policy where games have to have trophys and for some reason capcom didn't want to put any, theres also the fact that you have to use adhoc party to play the ps3 version online just like the psp version and since the psp is all but dead in the us sony didn't want to bother updating adhoc party. as far as i know it's not a matter of sony refusing to let it be localized as much as capcom just not caring that much.
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User Info: servb0ts

5 years ago#22
Monster Hunter coming to Wii U & Sony needs to bring EverQuest to Console. Get with it Sony lol.
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User Info: MadDewg

5 years ago#23
There was a post on neogaf I read awhile back saying that sony pissed capcom the **** off (something about sony of america wanting capcom to pay for upgrades to the western version of the ad-hoc party, since our ad-hoc party is pretty outdated compared to the japanese version). Apparently, capcom was like **** that noise, lol.

Then there is also the whole thing with nintendo, apparently nintendo offered to pay for the servers the Wii U version of monster hunter will use. Since nintendo is paying for the servers, this will be the first time ever for the japanese to play a online console monster hunter for free (before, with stuff like monster hunter tri, the ps2 monster hunters and monster hunter frontier, the japanese have always had to pay a monthly fee to play).

So to sum it up, sony is a bunch of dumb asses while nintendo pretty much came to capcom about MH at the right time.
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User Info: Astroshak

5 years ago#24
servb0ts posted...
Sony needs to bring EverQuest to Console.

Why on EARTH would you want Sony to bring a game almost FOURTEEN YEARS OLD to the PS3?!?!?!?!?
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