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How do you become awesome at fighters?

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User Info: SFIII_3rdStrike

5 years ago#11
Depends on the game. The SF4 and MvC3 series are generally easier to learn than other fighters like SF3 and BlazBlue. I don't really play 3D Fighters so I can't talk about those.

Practicing your combos like crazy is good, but if you can't land a hit on your opponent, then its no good. Everything is a learning process. Knowing what moves beat what moves and what your opponent can do to counter you also helps.

Most pro players count frames, know frame data of every move and know what to punish and how to get maximum damage with their combos. If all you want to do is beat your friends and/or go to a local tournament and not get outted in the first round, then a few hours a week in training mode should do the trick.

Another thing to remember is that a lot bad habits can happen while training your muscle memory such as mashing, which never helps.

TL;DR - Muscle memory and having actual knowledge of the game you're playing.
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User Info: akuma634

5 years ago#12
You have to play a lot and it's better to stick to a specific game since fighting games vary quite a bit, even in the same series. It's like I've gotten good with Street Fighter 4 but when I go back to Street Fighter 2, damages is much higher, no combos, the AI seems harder, and I end up getting my ass kicked. Street Fighter 3 doesn't feel cheap but it's so freaking hard, it's probably the most pure skill based fighting game out there. It's like I used to be amazing at a lot different fighting games and over the years not playing some of these games has made me suck at them. It's a matter of sucking it up and trying not to mad when you lose several times in a row. Just keep playing and eventually you get the hang of it.

User Info: CannotRemember

5 years ago#13
Crazy stylish combos aren't really all that practical in a real match, what happens if you drop it? Not to mention damage scaling is there for a reason!
Stick to the following rules and you'll be ok!
Learn your matchups
Learn to read/utilize frame data
Play at local tournaments and learn from other players
Fightsticks are a preference, not really a necessity!
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User Info: T_Tangg

5 years ago#14
Like people said you don't need a stick for all fighters. Since you are a console player just use a controller.

Now find one fighting game you like a lot and stick with it until you master it.

User Info: I_Heart_Eevee

5 years ago#15
1. Buy PC version
2. Buy a macro keyboard or gameboard
3. Find out the best combos and macro them
4. ???
5. Receive hate mail, cheater
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User Info: sean2995

5 years ago#16
People like arcade sticks because they put more pressure into the controls. I've seen one person look like he would break the sticks on how he was playing.

They're more durable and you use more then just your thumbs/finger to press the buttons.

I'm not a fast reflex but I study alot of characters combos/patterns/movesets and thats one way you can be a great fighter, knowing the weakness of your opponents and style.

Issues can happen when the roster is huge, but most capcom games tend to not change it up too much so its easier to follow vs other fighters.
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