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is homefront worth playing?

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User Info: SonicMonkeys

5 years ago#11
I got a deal to buy it for $2 used at Best Buy so I got it, but haven't got around to playing it. =/

An online pass came with it but I haven't tried it to see if it works. I'll probably trade it in for a profit if it doesn't work.
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User Info: SearchmanV16

5 years ago#12
Was it because of the special on a whole bunch of used games at Bestbuy?
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User Info: Raycon

5 years ago#13
gtaking5 posted...
From: szunega | #004
online pass? lol no thanks.

I don't support that !@#$ Sad. I really wanted to try the game out to.
Welp you'll be missing out on a great multiplayer experience for one of the stupidest reasons.

Um, what? Homefront's MP is average at best... Or is EA paying your rent this month?
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User Info: Shippoyasha

5 years ago#14
Homefront has a GREAT intro.

I'm not saying anything more because it's unseemly to keep talking crap about things...
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User Info: SearchmanV16

5 years ago#15
How active is it though?
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User Info: SearchmanV16

5 years ago#16
Lets go Heat.

User Info: Joehop007

5 years ago#17
You can download the multiplayer demo and judge it for yourself. I find the multiplayer very fun and since it runs on dedicated servers, hit detection and everything else is very smooth. The mechanics are nothing like COD, but follow it's own formula. Definitely worth giving a shot.
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User Info: yem69420

5 years ago#18
It is pretty active, I play it quite a bit
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User Info: SearchmanV16

5 years ago#19
No glitchers or anything like that? Can you get the full 32 player games as well?
Lets go Heat.

User Info: thechrono

5 years ago#20
Well i haven't actually played it only my bro has, he said its the best multiplayer fps he ever played it controls better then cod and has the best gameplay mechanics. if i were you i'll give the demo a shot. it may not have the graphics but has the gameplay.
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