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Why did Tales of Xillia price drop so fast in Japan?

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  3. Why did Tales of Xillia price drop so fast in Japan?

User Info: sinncross

5 years ago#61
More like lots of people bought the game and then sold them back to stores...

as opposed to something like Tales F which is much harder to find...
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User Info: Lamesy

5 years ago#62
Cute fight guys, well-handled on both sides... for a "I'm more Japanesey than you" pissing contest. But it's true that Evil-Gogeta never explained how he refutes the high sales --> low resale price logic. How is the "Japanese economy of gaming" (lovely flourish, you are an English teacher) so different as to not be subject to supply & demand? Are you talking about a cultural difference in the rate of reselling games? I'd agree that RPGs are usually among the least resold genres, as you'd hope for a special, involving game that one might take a while with and replay years later. But if people think they'll be re-buying a director's cut as some mentioned...

"Most companies do the same thing with popular series, they want the price to drop so more people will buy

its a tactic. Nintendo does it...."

lolno. Flagship Nintendo titles (plat & kart Marios, Zeldas, most Kirbys, etc.) continue to sell strictly at MSRP for literally years and years after release. NSMB and Mario Kart DS have dropped barely $5 in 5+ years. You are categorically wrong, Nintendo employs no such market flooding/price drop tactic.

User Info: Shineboxer

5 years ago#63
I love it when a JSOG fails hard.
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  3. Why did Tales of Xillia price drop so fast in Japan?

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