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help upgrading ps3 hard drive

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User Info: Gamemaster64

5 years ago#11
gm914 posted...
Ijust upgraded to a WD 500GB Scorpion Blue.

All I did was d/l the 4.11 to a USB.
The PS3 did the rest.

Didnt even need those steps on how to format FAT32. The PS3 did it, it seems.

btw LOVING the extra space.

The FAT32 was for the external hdd to backup the stuff on the older hdd to be move to the new one.
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User Info: fluxwildlyuncut

5 years ago#12
haha eveen trying to do that, convert the HDD to FAT32, was doing my head. i dont know what i did but my computer stopped seeing the first HDD and i couldnt access it haha. lucky i was able to convince them at th store to replace it and the second one worked fine
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