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  3. Smoother transition between PS3 to PS4 games than PS2 to PS3 ?

User Info: Agent_Greer

8 years ago#1
All systems have poor libraries at the beginning of their life cycles, but the transition from PS2 to PS3 was a HUGE step back as most of them suffered a severe drop in quality. A couple years went past until the PS3 finally had an acceptable library and I do not wish to see the same thing happen with the PS4.

Will there be a decrease in quality with the PS4's launch titles like there was for the PS3's launch titles?

Will games pour out slowly at first?

And I'm sure PS3 games will still come out for years to come, but it makes me wonder if some games will be released for both PS3 and PS4. Next gen is inevitably approaching in less than 2 years at maximum and I don't want to see the launch for the PS4 ending up like the PS3 launch. (Before you post remember that this topic is about the game library, not $599 US Dollars)

User Info: doraemonllh1989

8 years ago#2
yea i kinda worry about this:S

so i expect the worst though:/
skyrim proves the ps3 is a really weak console after all

User Info: Teepo64

8 years ago#3
I'm not worried.

I'm already psyched about the Ridge Racer game for the PS4.
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User Info: Agent_Greer

8 years ago#4

From: Teepo64 | #003
I'm not worried.

I'm already psyched about the Ridge Racer game for the PS4.


User Info: sinncross

8 years ago#5
If the PS4 is using the Cell (which it most likely will) then there will be no problem.
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User Info: fusespliff

8 years ago#6
This never really bothered me since I always buy a console 3 years into its lifespan, lower prices, less bugs, better library. And the PS3 will certainly be getting games for another 4 years, not to mention all the older games I still have on my wishlist.
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User Info: Agent_Greer

8 years ago#7
no one else is worried? REALLY?!
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User Info: SomnusNemoris

8 years ago#8
The PS3 launched with Resistance, which was a phenomenal launch title for me. An FPS set in WW2, but with a huge twist, unique weapons and gameplay elements, nothing generic about it, huge campaign, great story, fantastic multiplayer... great stuff really.

Obviously the graphics are ancient now, but at the time, it was my first 7th gen game so it looked the bollocks to me.

User Info: CooperRC

8 years ago#9
The only thing I worry about is that they will drop the cell for something easier for developers to use which will result in no PS3 BC.

User Info: TBiggz

8 years ago#10
Well, Ken is gone and the same idiotic mistakes in console design won't be repeated...hopefully.
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