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Do I need to play RE1-3 before playing 4?

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  3. Do I need to play RE1-3 before playing 4?

User Info: Red Link

Red Link
6 years ago#11
Protip: Don't play RE for the story.
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User Info: cleanchris

6 years ago#12
to answer; no, but you should.

I would recommend you play RE 1 (GC/Wii remake if possible) & RE2. first. 3 is good, but it is not essential, IMO.

If you play REmake first, be aware that RE2 obviously won't look as pretty, but its atmosphere is top notch.
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User Info: Golden Maven

Golden Maven
6 years ago#13
Just play RE4. The story is isolated.

I suppose you could try out RE 1-3, but I wouldn't bother. Do you want to sink your teeth into involving PS1 games? They are pretty dated and not quite as accessible as RE4.

User Info: oasisbeyond

6 years ago#14
^ Uh Re 1 to 3 are very playable and aged very well unlike most other 3d games. They are pre rendered so they look good. Tank controls are the ame in Re4, only the camera changed.
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