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PS3 Board FAQ Version 4.0

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User Info: paki_player5391

10 years ago#21
just noticed this pop up
way to go jack
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User Info: TheTruePredator

10 years ago#22
That was a quick stick no pun intended
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User Info: brij826

10 years ago#23

User Info: ruthless7667

10 years ago#24
did you just hump a sticky?
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User Info: JawnixPSboy

10 years ago#25
dammit krowbar, you broke the links!!!

*throws pie*
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User Info: Fenderligher

10 years ago#26
Ok, since I've seen a lot of people on here that don't know what they're doing when it comes to creating a theme, I'll give you a little help. Yeah, the readme was a little confusing for people that don't know what to do (Obviously), thanks Sony!

Anyway, it's simple, really.

You need to know some cmd prompt language, if you dont know any of this, you probably shouldn't be creating a theme. I realize the readme file said you can "Drag and drop" The xml file, but I kept getting an error code 3 every time. SO, I used the command prompt method. I found this a lot easier to place PS3_Custom_theme_v101-E within your C:\ directory. Then, once you do that, you edit your XML file. Use the template that is supplied in "Sample.xml", copy and paste into a new .txt file, edit to your hearts content and save. Then, change all of the icons you wish that were located in your \sample\01\ folder, do not change the name of them, just the appearance. You need a .png editing program, I use fireworks, but there are several other programs out there, like photoshop, serif, etc.

Before you continue, if you have Windows XP, go to any toolbar in any folder and click "Tools", then go to "Folder Options", go to the "View" Tab, and uncheck the box "Hide Extensions for known file types". BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN YOU DO THIS IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS DOES. This exposes all of the known file extensions after the name for every file you have on your system. So you'll start seeing .exe, or .bat, etc after every name. DO NOT EDIT THEM. We are sticking to the sample.txt you just created. Navigate back to the sample.txt you created, right click on it and select "Rename". Rename it to Sample.xml.

Reviewing, before we go on. Your PS3_Custom_Theme_v101-E folder is in your C:\, right?

Go to your start button, then click "Run".

Type CMD.

Should look familiar to most people here.

Ok, now you want to type CD C:\PS3_CUSTOM_THEME_v101-E\p3tcompiler_v101

(Protip: you can rename the folder "PS3_CUSTOM_THEME_v101-E to something a lot shorter, like PS3 so its easier and quicker.)

Alright, now once you are in C:\PS3_CUSTOM_THEME_v101-E\p3tcompiler_v101, you want to type

p3tcompiler.exe sample\01\sample.xml

The compiler should start within the command prompt, and you'll see a long list of LOAD ..... and SAVE....

Then when it is done, it will say it's done. Located within C:\PS3_CUSTOM_THEME_v101-E\p3tcompiler_v101\p3tcompiler_v101\sample\01

will be a file called "sample.p3t"

If you see that, congrats! You have just created a theme. Use this guide to create your own themes, if you get confused, just ask for help.

Note: This is primarily just to show how to work the compiler with the sample provided, if you want to create your own themes, use your head and follow the steps to start with something new. & XBL Uraiser (Spartan L51)
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User Info: Fenderligher

10 years ago#27
Another guide I'd like to post along side mine (It's much easier, but less fun for guys like me) that polishpride212 over at the Official Playstation forums wrote:

This has been asked many times and I have found the easiest, plain English version possible.
1. Download the file and unzip it to your desktop. (

2. Open p3tcompiler_v101 >sample > 01 > and in there should be a file called sample.xml.

3. Right click that file, select "Open With...", then choose "Other Program". This will open a tab with a bunch of programs, but select browse for program.

4. In the file selector, go into p3tcompiler_v101 and inside there select the p3tcompiler.exe.

5. Double click sample.xml and it will run the cmd compiling the p3t. The p3t should be somewhere in sample>01>.

6. On a thumb drive, make a directory PS3>THEME> and put your P3t here and go to your PS3.

If you want to make your own theme, just edited the different .PNGs that correspond with the correct icon. & XBL Uraiser (Spartan L51)
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User Info: shuugo00

10 years ago#28
when saving PS3 game saves, do they have to be in a specific format? And also, when saving it to your external saving device do you have to create specific folders? like when you save themes you have to create a folder named THEME within a folder named PS3. is any of that needed?
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User Info: Jacknicklson

10 years ago#29
I believe PS3 game saves are in a .psv format. You can create folders on you storage medium to make it easier, or hit triangle>show all to browse the contents for ay external storage device.

User Info: shuugo00

10 years ago#30
when i press triangle on my device all it says is informatio. It doesn't say Display All
PSN ID " Randomness13 "
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