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User Info: trash_master

1 month ago#11
barrylyndon55 posted...
trash_master posted...
DarkHalf91 posted...
Which model is it? I have the E model and can't say I ever noticed it. I must not have been paying attention but will next time I turn it on. I can't say it is that loud though so maybe Xbox 360 E models fixed the loud fans?

My fat 60gb backwards compatible PS3 on the other hand makes that fan sound for a second or two when system is first turned on and booting up then goes quite. A few minutes later even sitting at XMB screen the fan kicks on and stays at its normal speed which isn't that loud but is louder then all my other systems except maybe my fat PS2. At times it gets louder like when playing a PS2 game on it. I say it gets as loud as playing a demanding game on my OG PS4 which is louder then my PS4 Pro. I still think it has one maybe two more speeds after which I hopefully never hear.

Works just fine and never had overheating issue though but damn I stay paranoid over that loud fan. Since the old PS3 models are known to have overheating issue and YLOD, I mainly use my Slim or Super Slim PS3 and a actual PS2. I still like playing on my fat PS3 at times though. Yes I have changed the thermal paste on it to Artic MX4 to be clear.

That said this topic is about Xbox 360 not PS3. I only have experience with the E model as I never owned a OG or Slim Xbox 360. I think I heard the OG 360 was indeed loud though.

I have the very first version of the 360 lol the arcade edition. The $200 one. It’s still kicking after I heard so many people’s Xbox died on them lol. That Xbox go crazy when I turn it on it’s kinda funny everytime I hear the fan kicks on and it makes such a loud noise WAAAAAAA WOOOOOOO. It’s really damn loud hahahahaha

That's the one I have and it still partially works! It doesn't read discs though, but I can still play the games I downloaded on it.

Mine caught the red ring 3 times & my disc tray stay getting stuck but some how the damn thing still going strong lol I’m glad too and I hope it keeps kicking for several more years.

User Info: VeryDarkSoul

2 weeks ago#12
There's always one guy that says "It's the disc drive" people know the diff between a disc drive and fans. I had an original 360 and those fans were louder than my vacuum cleaner.
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