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User Info: asifnaz

4 weeks ago#11
sockesocke posted...
what genres do you like most? anyway, halo and forza are pretty good recommendations if you like first person shooters and racing games.

I like anything which dont consume too much time as I have full time job and family . I am not looking for
RPGs and sports . GameKing59 posted...
2.Bioshock 2
3.Bioshock Infinite
4.Condemned: Criminal Origins
5.Condemned 2: Bloodshot
6.Beautiful Katamari
7.Left 4 Dead
8.Left 4 Dead 2
9.Assassin's Creed
10.Assassin's Creed 2
12.Lollipop Chainsaw
15.Ninja Blade
16.The Walking Dead: Season Two
17.Alice: Madness Returns
18.The Darkness
20.Dead Space
21.Dead Space 2

1.The Maw
2.Rocket Knight
3.The Walking Dead: Season One

That list seem pretty nice .

and what are some of the must have exclusives for Xbox 360 ..?
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User Info: darkhorse723

3 weeks ago#12
Best games or most McDonaldsy? (popular). The best games are never the Halo series,and I love Halo Wars 1. GameKing has a very good initial list, minus a couple sequels. Get those in addition to: Skyrim...SpecOps-The Line...Forza series...Metal Gear Solid 5...Plants vs. Zombies Garden Wardare. These will keep the household entertained until you learn more.
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