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  3. Are 360 controllers known to not last for very long?

User Info: uffbulle

5 months ago#1
I've had mine for less than 2 years and the R1 button is almost broken, and the controller recently started frequently disconnecting from my PC from very small movements like putting it on a table and picking it back up, even though the chord hasn't been pulled harshly at any point. - Mini-reviews, retro vgm tribute, guides and more. - Played games

User Info: JonnyBoyFF

5 months ago#2
I've only ever had problems with third party controllers. I have controllers made by Microsoft all the way back from launch that still work fine. I think you were just unlucky with this one.
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User Info: uffbulle

5 months ago#3
Pretty sure I bought an official one but maybe not. Are they made in china? - Mini-reviews, retro vgm tribute, guides and more. - Played games

User Info: Maximus3002

5 months ago#4
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User Info: Citan22

5 months ago#5
in my experience they're quite durable actually. when i was first given a 360 in 2013 (a 'fixed' formerly RRoD elite model), i went out and picked up two of the least worn looking pre-owned controllers i could find at a local gamestop. a few months later the console crapped out for good so i bought a brand new S model plus an extra brand new 4th controller, figuring that sooner or later the two old ones might begin developing problems.

as of today, and since their purchase, the two new controllers have remained in storage while the original two have seen regular use and continue to function more or less as they did when i got em. that said, the 4 rubber 'studs' that provide grip to the analog sticks have worn almost completely smooth, particularly on the left sticks.. and one stick on each controller seems to suffer from a mild case of the all-too-common 'analog stick drift,' but since that largely depends on a game's dead-zone setting, it isn't even noticeable in every game i play and is very possible both controllers already had it when i bought them.

unfortunately, the disconnecting you mention sounds like a loose/intermittent wire/solder point. as for the R1 button, i distinctly remember taking apart my 360 controllers to clean and then having a hell of a time reassembling them specifically due to how those stupid L1/R1 bumpers were designed. don't get me wrong, it wasn't difficult putting everything back together, but every time i did one of the two bumpers would feel nice and responsive, with a noticeable 'click,' while the other would be mushy or squeaky, or barely move at all. took three or four tries until i got it just right and back to normal.. so maybe that piece in your controller is slightly out of place, or debris has made its way in and is causing problems. take it apart and check it out, what have you got to lose lol. good luck!
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User Info: TheVillageIdiot

4 months ago#6
I've never had a controller die on me - for any system I've owned. I've worn the sticks on 2 separate 360 controllers smooth and they still work fine.

User Info: uffbulle

4 months ago#7
Citan22 posted...
the 4 rubber 'studs'

Yeah now that you mention it one of those is gone on the left stick as well.

Maybe I'll try it after one more button breaks and I've bought an XB1 controller, thanks. - Mini-reviews, retro vgm tribute, guides and more. - Played games

User Info: andri_g

4 months ago#8
Official MS controllers are tough. Still, the battery pack from one of my wireless MS controllers occasionally does pop-off while I'm playing.

User Info: FireDrakeZ

4 months ago#9
I still have 2 Xbox 360 controllers(one white and one black) from 2013. Both still work fine. I use the white one exclusively for my gaming PC now, the different colors helping me to distinquish which platform I should use it for.

Neither of them are worn down since I divide my gaming time between my PC, Xbox One X(with an Xbox One Elite gamepad), and Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 controllers are slightly heavier, bulkier and look more durable than the Xbox One Elite gamepads that I have.

User Info: spooie

4 months ago#10
You'd know if it was a 3rd party controller or not.

That said, 360 controllers are one of the easiest to open and fix.
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