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  3. What would be the most sensitive info attached to a 360 profile?

User Info: _Lime_Slime_

8 months ago#1
Probably an email or a credit card number right? I formatted my hard drive before I sold my 360, so I should be good. I was just trying to remember what info would actually be on there--because my day wouldn't be complete without me worrying about something.
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User Info: dybyhands

8 months ago#2
Probably just payment info. Credit, debit or paypal type stuff. I guess in theory you may not want your home address and stuff like that known either.
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User Info: zeldafanjtl

8 months ago#3
If you're that paranoid, change the password on your Microsoft account. Then even if your profile is still on there for some reason (maybe you had a model that had internal memory), they wouldn't be able to access it.
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User Info: Imn0tleB0W5ki

8 months ago#4
If you're that worried you can always try this.
If you're using an Xbox 360, you can also remove your profile from all consoles:

Sign in at You may be asked to enter your password or a security code we send to your phone or alternate email address.
Select Xbox settings.
Select See Xbox 360 profile protection.
Select Require Profile Download.
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  3. What would be the most sensitive info attached to a 360 profile?
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