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Do BC Updates or clearing the cache mess with original Xbox Saves?

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User Info: EternalWolf

4 months ago#1
So I booted up The Suffering after nearly 3 years of not playing it on my 360, recieved a BC Update which I found odd this late in the consoles life cycle(post 2015), loaded my game and got some weird results. Running backwards in the level to far gave me an "Out of Memory!" error that appeared in the 4:3 Original Xbox window, all black screen and looked DOS like outside of the message appearing in the center of the screen. Completing the level(save was very close to the end) would result in a black screen and freeze. Loading the game and selecting quit would also freeze the system.

This was after I cleared my cache and performed a hard reset as for whatever reason when I booted my 360 it would not load the dashboard, instead giving me an infinite loop. The reset seemed to fix that issue though I am getting some Xbox Live content not available after quitting games. I have no issues in other games from what I can tell.

After giving up and thinking my HDD was f***ed I said screw it and started a new game just to be sure. No issues whatsoever, ran through the first level, could quit etc... The bonus Prison Documentary on the disc also works, which I believe that wasn't the case before but I could be wrong. However, after playing a fresh save with no issues I loaded my save that gave me issues, beat the level and it froze again, plus I couldnt quit from the menu if I simply loaded and quit the game.

So I was wondering if the update messed up my save, clearing the cache messed up my save or if its a HDD issue. I couldnt find a single thing relating to the "Out of Memory!" error and if I had to guess then I would say its an original Xbox issue being emulated, maybe as a result of deleting the cache/memory that the game saved up or something. Just curious if anyone could pinpoint this issue to one of those 3 options.

User Info: Fillasaufical

4 months ago#2
The cache is used for updates. When you cleared the cache and launched your game, it didn't find the OLD update and therefore provided a "new update" in context to your out of date version. It has nothing to do with your error. The only time updates mess with saves is when a game has an update or DLC and it sees it on your console, then warns you along the lines of "your save file is from an older version/before your currently installed DLC; choosing to continue will update your save and it will only work with the current update(s)/DLC going forward" and is somewhat rare, but I don't remember ever seeing it for original Xbox titles that were BC to Xbox 360.
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  3. Do BC Updates or clearing the cache mess with original Xbox Saves?

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