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User Info: Mop_it_up

9 months ago#21
I actually did try Trials HD as one of the first, because I remembered sampling the game way back when so it was a tad of nostalgia. It was a bit of fun, but I couldn't figure out how to complete the last few stages. The physics are a little too bouncy / wonky for my liking.

I probably will try Condemned at some point. A quick search showed it was one of the launch titles people seemed to like, so if nothing else it'll be an interesting piece of history to check out.

Years ago I watched a friend play some of Ms. Splosion Man, it didn't look like my kind of thing.
"Who's applauding?" -My sister, whilst playing New Super Mario Bros. Wii

User Info: andri_g

9 months ago#22
Condemned and 'Splosion Man have one thing in common: the pay-off comes after the final fight--a cakewalk to reach and a death-march to finish.

User Info: Blorfenburger

9 months ago#23
Mop_it_up posted...

Also, wow, this AC adapter is huge...

Yeah I always hated that about the 360. And the X one
I use inverted controls. Also I hate fandoms.
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  3. My older brother gave me his old Xbox 360, a few questons
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