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User Info: TyrianMollusk

1 year ago#11
Trials: Evolution.

User Info: dancer62

1 year ago#12
Earth Defense Force 2017
Earth Defense Force 2025
If ballet was easy, it would be pointe-less

User Info: andri_g

1 year ago#13
Physical: Saints Row
Digital: 'Splosion Man

Hon. Mention: Blue Dragon

User Info: eston

1 year ago#14
Just Cause 2

User Info: Japago

1 year ago#15
Tales of Vesperia
(message deleted)

User Info: FireDrakeZ

1 year ago#17
Funny. Nobody mentioned the Xbox exclusives:

Halo series
Fable series
Gears of War series
Forza Horizon and Motorsport series
Crackdown series

Console exclusives

Red Dead Redemption
Dante's Inferno
Metal Gear Sold HD collection(5 games for the price of one)
Devil May Cry HD collection(will be coming to PC finally in a few months after 6 years)
Lost Odyssey
Battlefied Bad Company 1(best single player campaign for the Battlefield series)
Darkness 1
Condemned 2
Too Human
Shadows of the Damned

also no mention of all time favorites rpg's
Dragon Age series(especially Origins)
Diablo III

Valve collection
The Orange Box(5 highly rated games for the price of one)

Deus Ex : Human Revolution
Dead Space series
GTA series
Saints Row series
Metro series
Crysis series
Assassins Creed series

User Info: GameKing59

1 year ago#18
Here's a couple more off the XBLA store.

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