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Best Forza game on Xbox 360?

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User Info: Raiden243

3 months ago#1
Which Forza game is the best on Xbox 360? I'm only going to get one.

User Info: MertensCW

3 months ago#2
Only played the first 3 and I liked 2 for better online and not a grindy chore to play SP like 3’s but technically the better game was 3.
3 would be my rec to you but people who kept playing the series seem to think 4 was the best, so probably better off going with that.
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User Info: beautifuldreams

3 months ago#3
Forza 4. it's even quite a bit better than Forza 5 (xbone)

User Info: Carribean_Cool

3 months ago#4
I'd check out Horizon 1 too. It's stripped down from Forza 4 in terms of tuning and all that Jazz, but the open world makes up for it. It depends what you're preference is.
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User Info: Badasi12b

3 months ago#5
Horizon 1
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