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What's the risk of the 360 scratching DVDs (on its own)?

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User Info: gafemaqs

6 months ago#1
I don't mean by you moving the console or doing anything that would cause it to scratch. Just by normal use.

I was watching a DVD on PS4 the other day and it scratched the DVD just trying to play it, I wasn't moving it or anything. DVDs don't have the same protective layer that Blu-rays do, but I might just use 360 if I'm ever watching DVDs.

User Info: Tiljack

6 months ago#2
Not sure, but I definitely remember being warned by game store employees that the 360 was notorious for leaving ring-shaped scratches on discs and it wouldn't be covered by the warrantee if that happened. My 360 never did that to any disc but I guess it happens to some people, maybe those who store it on its side.

User Info: Kerr Avon

Kerr Avon
6 months ago#3
It's never happened to me, nor do I remember any of my mate's saying that it did (though my friends got rid of their 360s years ago), but I think maybe some early batches of the console did and it was cured in later versions.
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User Info: athomas917

6 months ago#4
The PS4 and XBONE uses rollers to pull in the discs. If the roller had debris on it, it could possibly drag it against the disc.

User Info: SnakeSnakeSnake

5 months ago#5
I have mine since 2008 and the only time it scratched a disc was when I moved the console while the game was running.

User Info: youngskillz

5 months ago#6
unless you'e bumping into your console while a disc is spinning i wouldn't worry about it too much.

but yeah any disc player can scratch non-blu ray discs, thank god they created that protective layer.
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