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Xbox 360 was the best system because DVDs (and more)

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User Info: youngskillz

5 months ago#31
andri_g posted...
lubmelubyou posted...
The Xbox 360 had the best overheating problem and disc scratching ability, unrivaled still to this day.

Overheating was more common to the first series of fat 360s: Arcade, Pro, and Elite. S and E model 360s are less likely to over-heat, but, like *all* versions of PS3s, it can be done.

[ I've had my 360 S model since 2011 and, afaik, it hasn't ever overheated... not unless it was a stealth event with no error code report. ]

The latter [dis]honor of most frequent and severe disc-scratching ability goes to the PS2 slims... especially the first series of PS2 slims.

i've had mine since 2009, jasper chip phat is when microsoft finally got it right, took them 3 years.

everything before that was almost a ticking time bomb.XeroShinobi posted...
icecutter17 posted...
NeoGeoXSega posted...
Don't forget the controller. Best controller ever!

Wellll, xb1 controller probably is better

I mean why would 360 controller be better?
Xb1 one only marginally though.

The Xbox One controller's analog sticks are absolute ass compared to the 360's. They're too small and way too damn loose.

yeah they could be a little tighter, but what's worse in the bumpers, they squished the controller in this area so it's nowhere near as comfortable pressing them as it is on the xbox 360.

can't believe the idiots at ms let the controller go into production with the way the bumpers are, they're too close.

if these two things were fixed it would be the best xbox controller no question.
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