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What do you think is the best looking game on 360?

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User Info: KazGT6

7 months ago#1
How about these that i personally have experience with? The phantom pain and forza 4. Do you agree? I haven't played an incredible amount of 360 games though, but those 2 stand out. Forza 4's graphics i think were clearly better than 3. And another question, do you think forza 4 is the best forza game ever? I have also heard that on games that came out for both systems that most games look ever so slightly better on 360. What has been your experience?

User Info: andri_g

7 months ago#2
A few other topics on this board, 2015-17, with gamers' 360 games preferences (mine included).

P.S.: Forza has always been a solid series for high-fidelity game visuals.

User Info: candlefighter

7 months ago#3
Trine 2

User Info: DarkMisaka

7 months ago#4
GTA V and MGSV for sure.
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User Info: Xeno_Cyclops

7 months ago#5
People say Halo 4, I think it looks great but not "best looking game on the system" great. Imo that would be Gears 3
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Questionmarktarius 7 months ago#6
Shadow Complex

User Info: str8Knowledge

7 months ago#7

User Info: thedude008

7 months ago#8
was really impressed with splinter cell blacklist.
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User Info: magx

7 months ago#9
Remember Me
Shadow Complex
Red Dead
Tomb Raider (and the sequel)
Gears 3
The Outfit
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User Info: Falchion92

7 months ago#10
Soul Calibur 4 and 5 look fantastic.
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