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Found deadly premonition for 10 bucks..

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User Info: Mindbend8er

2 months ago#1
Original box and all there was only one copy. I collect 360 games and wanted this in my collection for a long time I was at the game store and just got lucky. That it was there I've never seen another copy of it in the store since then. I was happy and surprised
game tag - mindbend8r

User Info: IAmCaptPlanet

1 month ago#2
ENJOY, i love that game

the QTE sections really suck tho, way too fast. just expect to die in them a few times

User Info: SoggySocks

1 month ago#3
One of my favorite games on the 360. Once you get past the first chapter, you really get sucked in to the story.
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  3. Found deadly premonition for 10 bucks..

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