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Any of you here still rocking the 360..

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User Info: Mindwipe77

8 months ago#1
and not changed over to xbox one yet?

User Info: MoreRpgs

8 months ago#2
Backlog on my 360, Xbone will have to wait

User Info: kiljaeden

8 months ago#3
I play both, One in living room, 360 in bedroom.
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User Info: dybyhands

8 months ago#4
Because 360 plays Ninja Gaiden Black and 2, I will prolly never ditch it.
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User Info: Triple_Aitch

8 months ago#5
I want to get rid of my 360 but a few games aren't supported yet

Buffy 2
Lollipop Chainsaw
Metal Gear Solid HD
All the Silent Hill Games (Except Downpour for some reason)
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User Info: Falchion92

8 months ago#6
Kept my 360. I don't know why anyone would sell theirs. It's a fantastic console.
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User Info: Mindwipe77

8 months ago#7
I know someone who always stays a gen behind. He has the 360 and plays it like it is brand new, and says no x1 until the new xbox comes out in 2020-21 or whenever. As soon as it launches he will buy an xbox one x cheap. Its a very smart way to game and save money but I have always been up on all gens so I can't stick to 360 for example knowing all the great x1 games coming soon, however I still have my 360 just not hooked up atm.

User Info: FireDrakeZ

8 months ago#8
I still kept my Xbox 360 around even though I am primarily a PC gamer nowadays, as there are a lot of console exclusives I can't play on the PC. I also used it for console games that did not port well to PC and for delisted games. I will never sell mine as I have an extensive 360 library and with back compatibility I am looking forward to using my enhanced 360 games on the Xbox One X when I eventually will get one in the future.

User Info: INKU48

8 months ago#9
Can't "change to" Xbox One since it'll never be 100% backwards compatible. My 360 will stay with me until it dies and after that it will be replaced by another one.
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User Info: Overburdened

8 months ago#10
Still got my 360 under the telly, but it doesn't get used now, got my x1 in July and haven't looked back.

I really loved the 360, and wasn't fussed about an X1, but my birthday came up so thought why not, and all the games I've played so far have been amazing.
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