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Devil May Cry 4 worth $8?

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User Info: gafemaqs

5 months ago#1
I've played 1 a lot, a couple hours of 2, and am going to get around to 3.

So how about 4? I fear it may not hold up after 10 or so years.

User Info: LandfillAO

5 months ago#2
It's still among the best combat in any action game, hands down. Absolutely worth $8.

User Info: INKU48

5 months ago#3
It's good but at the halfway point it starts throwing recycled contents at you which feels a bit boring. Feels like they ran out of budget or something. The core design is solid though and it doesn't really feel outdated, partly because the genre is stagnant though.

User Info: PStrife

5 months ago#4
Of course they ran out of time, not budget. It is one of the many project victims of HD over-budgeting/under-timing a project in order to meet the deadline, with these still untrained HD staffs.

They repeat parts of the project in order to cut down project time, not so much budget in cases like these. Our the original our the Halo pulled this off brilliantly in contrast on the Xbox.

The question is, was it the right choice? A game like Mirror's Edge went through the same process but was still making it's levels, but they were tiny and crappy in scope compared to the early levels made at the start of the project due to now being rushed out the door to meet the deadline.

User Info: magx

5 months ago#5
Almost any game is worth $8.

I'd still pay $30 for DMC4- it's really fun until it's not.
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User Info: Xeno_Cyclops

5 months ago#6
For $8 that game is a steal
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