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An Xbox 360 Noob

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User Info: Upokupo

5 months ago#1
Hey, all!

A family member gave me their old 360 slim because they don't play on xbox or xbox live any more. I really like this system and am enjoying it. I have picked up a few games that look interesting.

My question is about the online experience. I don't know about shelling out money to be able to play online even though I have titles like Dragon's Dogma and Diablo.

So, the question is: Do all games require a payment to play online. And, if so, is it worth it for a 360? I have no desire to upgrade to a one or one x. Just can't afford it.
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User Info: INKU48

5 months ago#2
Yes, all games require Gold to play online.

"Is it worth it" depends on how much you'd play online. I mean, in theory it may give the games you already have a greater value and better lasting appeal to be able to play them online. You also get two "free" Xbox 360 games every month included with the service and in my personal opinion, many of these have been great games. This is however a bit of a lottery since you never know what games you will get for free in the future.

Here's a list of past Games With Gold games:

One thing to keep in mind too is that the Xbox 360 is at this point an old console and its games are likely becoming less and less active online. Some might not even have online communities anymore where you can easily find people to play with.

User Info: Boogie_WoogieWu

5 months ago#3
Try to buy Gold from or other trusted sources for cheap(er) codes, don't pay the standard $60.

Also, I believe Dragon's Dogma doesn't require Gold for the online aspects, but I might be wrong.

The only other game I know of that didn't require Gold was FF XI, but that required a separate subscription for the game, and the game's servers have been shutdown.

User Info: Overburdened

5 months ago#4
Like everyone else said. Buy Live for cheaper than what's available straight away, there are always offers somewhere.

Type 'cheap 12month Xbox live instant access code into Google, or however many months you want it for. I think it's £36ish here for 12months, but I always find mine for under £30 this way, cheapest being £26 once.

And online games are only busy in the well known games, battlefields, call of dutys, halos, the lesser known games the multiplayer died quickly. They're almost always really good online modes, but because they're not the big name games, the online dies quickly.

Just get a 1month card, or something to test the waters. I buy a 12month prescription because I know I'll be on it at somepoint in the week, and it's there ready then. And plus like the other poster said, you get 2 "free" games a month if you pay for gold.
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