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User Info: merkhava

4 months ago#1
Xbox 360 was easily the best console its generation. Awesome interface, tons of innovation with Xbox live, achievements, built in HDD, and DLC. How in the world did MS mess up so badly with Xbox 1?

User Info: pblimp360

4 months ago#2
Xbox360 > XB1 > Xbox
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User Info: INKU48

4 months ago#3
I think the Xbox One gets a bit too much hate. In 2017 it's a good place to play games and it has several features that the competition either lacks or sucks at such as BC, Game Pass, EA Access and Play Anywhere. It's also the cheapest console on the market with the X1S, or if you have the money for the X1X, the most powerful. They've also done some good things to unify Xbox and Windows 10 and facilitate developing and publishing for the platforms.

If you're a Windows 10 PC gamer though then they've pretty much made the X1 pointless but is that a bad thing? It just means you can enjoy the benefits of Xbox without buying a console.

What it's lacking compared to the 360 is big games that sets it apart from the competition. The 360 just had so many big console exclusive RPGs and so much Japanese support, games you could not get on the PS3/Wii. The Xbox One has like one big console exclusive RPG (Path of Exile) and barely a single Japanese game worth playing which isn't on the PS4. If you want to play as many good games as possible this gen then I would recommend the competition. Last gen you really needed to own both.

Xbox 360 > X1 > Xbox for me but I might be underrating the original Xbox because I didn't have one during the time and had to discover it later on.

User Info: plus1zero

4 months ago#4
pblimp360 posted...
Xbox360 > XB1 > Xbox

This one
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User Info: yoshox2000

4 months ago#5

The Xbox One is a joke, the worst handling thus far out of all three systems Microsoft put out. The original Xbox STILL has more good games to play than the Xbox One does right now.

User Info: JCuster

4 months ago#6
Yep, Microsoft really threw away all the goodwill they built up during the 360 years with me. Haven't seen a company try that hard to fail since Konami. Xbox360>Xbox>Xbox1 is accurate, since they seem to care more about PC gaming this gen. Only gripe I got for the 360 is the lack of backwards compatible Otogi/Otogi 2(I guess FROM Software is too busy with Dark Souls games for an HD remaster of those two).
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User Info: AltiarLio

4 months ago#7
The Xbox one right now after updates and such is my favourite gaming console of all time, I feel like the X will solidify that come the next month.

Controlller, UI, social features, games and entertainment are second to none imo.

Well maybe a few games here and there but it's the usual exclusive suspects on other consoles
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4 months ago#8
pblimp360 posted...
Xbox360 > XB1 > Xbox
!!!STx ANGER!!!

User Info: BlueJester007

4 months ago#9
I would buy an Xbox One if they would actually do backwards compatibility correctly instead of their current method of only getting a select number.

For backwards compatibility, it’s either all or nothing - no half-assing.
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User Info: MoreRpgs

4 months ago#10
yoshox2000 posted...

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