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360 games you gave up on?

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User Info: GodDogs

5 months ago#11

Got to chapter 11, where the game finally opened up, and it was basically "time to grind" chapter. Story sucked and just lost all interest at that point.
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User Info: Ghostfeet

5 months ago#12
Afro Samurai something or other. Played it years ago at a buddy's and never got around to finishing it.

Wet, same deal as above.
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User Info: PStrife

5 months ago#13
Phantasy Star Universe. I never did any of that weapon or item creation stuff. So now near the end I cannot go anywhere due to the cheap new final stage enemies and am not in the mood to figure out how to improve my stuff, seems sorta dumb that all that levelling up is just a waste.

User Info: Falchion92

5 months ago#14
Bayonetta. If you aren't perfect in dodging you're basically screwed.
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User Info: LostSeason7

5 months ago#15
I gave up on getting 1000 GS for a number of games.
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User Info: Sw1ft_Blad3

4 months ago#16
Final fantasy XIII, I got bored very quickly in that game, I ended up selling it and used the trade in to go towards red dead redemption game of the year edition.
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User Info: magx

4 months ago#17
Dead Space 3
Culdcept Saga
Fable III
DMC4 (second hardest difficulty....friggin backtracking)
Ninja Gaiden III
Plants vs Zombies

and many more
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