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Xbox One been out for awhile now

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User Info: bulletproofvita

7 months ago#1
Still has nothing on the 360.
I play the 360 so much more :p
PSN: bulletproofvita

User Info: Berating

7 months ago#2
consider getting a ps4. have barely touched my 360 since i got one myself
"...the chick never recovered. the chick who shaved his balls, she ended up getting raped at the magician castle"

User Info: Itl7054

7 months ago#3
Same. I play my 360 more. The game selection just seems A+

User Info: ZatchBell

7 months ago#4
I just picked up an xbox 360 last night. I had one but upgraded a few years ago. I already own a switch and an xbox one, but neither system is as good or has the incredible game library that xbox 360 does. The games are dirt cheap too which is awesome. Picked up Neir(never played it) Phantasy Star Universe(my favorite game, don't care if the online is gone) and sonic genesis collection.
Sega Fan for Life
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