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Are the indie games supposed to be being removed this month?

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User Info: 911didbush

5 months ago#11
I wonder what's the most X rated indie game on there?
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User Info: AJM_Ruler

5 months ago#13
What are all the worthwhile Indie titles not available on other places?
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User Info: TyrianMollusk

5 months ago#14
Not "all" but here's the list I post for indies-to-check-out.
[S]: on Steam, [n]: not on Steam (last time I checked), [*]: special case

twin-stick shooters
* AtomHex [*] -- really amazing, like a love child of Black Widow and Ikaruga (can be bought on PC from developer's page)
* radiangames Inferno [*] -- 4p Gauntlet-style maze shooter (Steam, has Inferno 2, but only this has local co-op)
* radiangames Ballistic [n] -- amped up asteroids-style shooter
* radiangames JoyJoy [n] -- different take on an amped up asteroids-style shooter
* STRACO Episode 1, STRACO Purge and Conquest [n] -- short but with lots to play with
* Grid Space Shooter [n] -- 2p arena shooter, big enemies, choice of ships
* Dysnomia [n] -- tough survival shooter
* Robofish [n] -- construct your own weapon arrays and take them out for a spin
* Ultratron [S] - starts slow but gets better
* The Shadows in the Underworld [n] -- horizontal shooter with procedural creepy flash-light-style exploration and local co-op
* SCHAR: Blue Shield Alliance [S] -- 4p space adventure
* Infinity Danger [n]
* Compromised [n]
* Abaddon: Retribution [n] -- 2p complex base defense/upgrade shooter
* Starchon [n] -- 1p upgradeable capital base ship defending
* TIME VIKING!!!!!ANDSPACERAPTOR -- funny for a lark
* Score Rush [n] -- bullet hell shmup
* Biology Battle [S]

* QuadSmash [n] -- motorcycles + grapples + arenas + combat + ball = sport
* Snailien Invasion [n] -- multiplayer arena fighting with variety of weapons and bungie-grapple movement
* Protect Me Knight -- retro-styled multiplayer wave defense
* Hidden in Plain Sight [S] -- cute multiplayer-only minigame of sneaking up on each other
* Colosseum -- fighting game. Neat once you get used to the odd controls
* Chompy Chomp Chomp [S] -- fun little multiplayer minigame
* ZP2KX -- online multiplayer only
* Tank Battles -- driving turreted tanks around and ricocheting shots (PSN game)
* Video Wars -- 4p simple autonomous unit-type rts/defense thingy
* Grand Class Melee [S] -- little local multiplayer vs arena battles
* Downtown Smash Dodgeball -- classic NES dodgeball game
* Hieronymous Bash -- multiplayer dodgeball
* 20 games to play with your mates -- looks terrible but try the climbing from acid minigame
* Sumo Squash

* Snops Attack [*] -- cute Crimzon Clover-alike
* radiangames Crossfire 2 [n] -- high impact two-sided Space Invaders
* Prismatic Solid [n] -- vertical shooter with weird bullet sweeping shapes
* We are Cubes [n] -- precision oriented gallery shooter
* Leave Home [n] -- abstract procedural shooter
* Chronoblast [n] -- bullet hell shmup
* Revolver 360 [S] -- spatial-rotation shooter, better on PC (Rev 360 Reactor)
* Red Shift -- procedural vertical shooter
* Shoot 1Up [S] -- play all your lives at once as a swarm of you
* Pellmell -- multiplayer horizontal shooter with some top down plaforming
* Valkyrius [*] -- teleporting power [Valkyrius Prime on Steam]
* Power-Up [S]
* Twin Tiger Shark -- Toaplan homage

User Info: TyrianMollusk

5 months ago#15
* Chester [*] -- shooter-platformer with lots of levels and power variety [on Steam, free "remaster" update pending]
* Bleed [S] -- twin-stick shoooter platformer with bullet-time antics
* Explosionade [S] -- platformer/twin-stick metroidvania, try at 125% speed
* LaserCat [n] -- ultra-retro labyrinth-exploring type
* Kobold's Quest -- 4 player baby-stealing for fun and not being dinner to the uber kobold
* Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess [n] -- vertical speed platformer
* The Tempura of the Dead [n]
* Urban Space Squirrels -- floaty jump, but cute mechanics

rpgs and generated dungeon exploration
* Cursed Loot -- fantasy rpg style
* Lair of the Evildoer -- twin-stick-shooter style
* Diehard Dungeon [S] -- procedural monster fighting
* Cthulhu Saves the World [S]
* Breath of Death VII [S]
* Evilquest [S]
* Aphelion, Aphelion episode 2
* Miasma, Miasma 2 -- turn based tactical battles
* Brimstone -- roguelike arpg/gauntlet type
* Survivalist [S] -- open world zombie RPG

puzzle and rhythm
* Storage Inc [n] -- simple looking, but clever and fun co-op puzzle/management game
* One Finger Death Punch [S] -- "rhythm game" cannot encompass this amazingly fun brawler
* radiangames Fireball [n] -- leading enemies to hazards
* radiangames Fluid [n] -- like a strangely evolved pac-man type game
* Escape Goat [S] -- platformy puzzles
* soulcaster ii [S] -- sort of a tower-placing adventure, but better than that sounds
* CaveIn - Miner Rescue Team -- 2p match-3 block sliding puzzles, plus gimmicks
* Alien Jelly -- Ilomilo on steroids
* Jellyfish MD -- weird plane-shift/rotate puzzles
* Shield the Beat -- twin stick rhythm game
* Wool -- herding sheep
* Gateways [S] -- very challenging spatial/time/duplicate puzzle platformer
* Blocks That Matter [S] -- puzzle platformer
* Mount Your Friends [S] -- funny ragdoll climbing/stacking game
* Funky Balls -- similar to super monkey ball, unfortunately with avatars
* The Useful Dead

various other
* Slingstar -- swing attack dots at enemies while avoiding hazards
* Graviton 360 [*] -- combination maze lander/shooter (newer than the Steam version)
* Spacecraft (or its predecessor Superspace 2) -- 2p pick-up-and-deliver with thruster-type play, physics, and shooting
* I, Zombie [S] -- stealth-type game where you are the zombie infecting people and herding your minions
* Squid -- anti-shooter, lead shots to enemies
* Little Racers Street [S] -- cute top-down style racer, but no local multiplayer
* Kung Fu Fight -- very retro runner-type
* Fist Puncher [S] -- beat-em-up
* The Legend of the Dragonflame High School: Youth Battle Story -- beat-em-up
* Magic Racing GP2 -- serious grand prix style top-down racing
* Zombie Football Carnage -- not so much playing football as fending off swarms with your trusty football and powerups/upgrades
* Coral's Curse -- get youself around with your wiggly tail
* Head Shot 2, Head Shot Z [n] -- kind of cute snipe target minigame
* Go Gimbal Go -- super-fast track navigating and dodging
* Niji -- jump upstream
* Smooth Operators [S] - Sim Tower type game, resource management gameplay
* White Noise Online [S] -- decent Slender-ish game with several places to explore and online multiplayer
* Saturn 9 -- supposedly a good 30-60 minute Slender-ish experience
* bricks4ever -- breakout
* Wizorb [S] -- Arkanoid-style with some light RPG elements
* IonBall [*] -- nice looking breakout (2 on Steam)

User Info: FireDrakeZ

5 months ago#16
I have some of those on my steam backlog, including highly rated games like Cthulhu Saves the World, Breath of Death VII, One Finger Death Punch, Ionball 2 and Little Racers Street which I got as part of bundles.

Here are a few recommended games from 2011 that are not listed above and some of which are not found on steam:

Take Arms
Doom and Destiny
T.E.C. 3001(91% rating on steam)
Cute Things Dying Violently
Battle High: San Bruno
Undead Empire
Allied Assault Squadron

User Info: FireDrakeZ

5 months ago#17
Acc. to steam, TEC 3001 was the Winner of the Indie Games Summer Uprising 2011. It is a running game that has a lot of positive reviews.

User Info: BearFan34

5 months ago#18
Hidden In Plain Sight -awesome local multiplayer

Chtulhu Saves The World


Blood and Bacon -really fun shoot em up killing pigs on a farm
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User Info: DragonlordHaar8

5 months ago#20
I think Im good with what I've got, gonna try contacting some of the developers to maybe get their games on steam or somethin
TvC friend code- 0947- 3795- 9587
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