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If the X sells well will MS invest in single player, rpg, and arcade games?

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User Info: bluefantasy

5 months ago#11
thats true but again Sony doesnt have the cash like MS. I think they screwed up with the ps4pro. They rushed it to the marlet and MS took their sweet time with the hardware. Now, they have a sleek slim sexy beefed up X with 4k uhd blu ray player and etc. They are set. MS wont make money on the for now X but can bleed money. I bet it costs 600-700 just to make an X. They can take the hit and recoup some losses with services and etc. And if they can get pc players, pc games, steam, crossplay, and etc on the X they got it in the bag. Even though Sony already won sales wise and games and etc.

User Info: madrileno23

5 months ago#12
The X won't even sell half as many systems as the XB1S over the next year.
The XB1S will still be the bread and butter seller...

So, no I don't expect them to do that.

XBX will sell huge at launch and through end of year, and start to drop off in 2018, where XB1S will continue to make up most of the Xboxes being sold.
If SWTOR is the Titanic, than Guild Wars 2 is the Iceberg....

User Info: madrileno23

5 months ago#13
Hucast9 posted...
bluefantasy posted...
Hucast9 posted...
The XBox One X is a direct response to the backlash that the 2013 Xbox One reveal got. People rejected the notion of on-line dependence, and favored the notion of graphical muscle inside of the actual box.

I think it'll sell well. I think that eventually the Xbox One S will be replaced by the Xbox One X, and the only available console will be the X. That will take at least 2 years, though. I also think that Sony will launch PS5 holidays 2019, and Microsoft will launch the next generation Xbox in 2020.

It's anyone's guess whether they will invest in single player, rpgs, and arcade games. They should take a look at the original Xbox, and plan a strategy based on that console's business model. The original Xbox had some of the most epic games in gaming history. I'm talking Halo Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, Project Gotham racing, Jade Empire, and a lot more. They should recognize what went right with the original Xbox, and make plans to move forward with that console as a template for the future.

I doubt anyone will release a new console this decade. For X to have a world wide availbility will probally be Spring 2018 if it sold out so fast as they say. And Sony isnt in a position they can bleed money like MS. The X is being sold at a loss. Plus these consoles usually have a 10 year life. X im sure has a loooong life ahead of it. Especially if it sells like hot cakes

I think that Sony has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the magic number for a console is $400. Now that they have been successful with the PS4, I find it highly likely that they will continue that business model even if they have to take a $50 loss for a year for a $400 PS5 in 2019. The high chance of PS5 success would make that initial loss a minor risk for them.

There is a rumor that they are planning to release PS5 in 2019 as a 9 teraflop machine that is strictly for next generation gaming. This means that PS4 won't play PS5 games, but PS5 will play PS4 games. I don't have the link, and can't cut copy and paste right now anyways, but that's what I read.

It's not far fetched. They can continue to sell PS4 at a very low price for like $200 in 2019, and the PS5 for $400 simultaneously. Me personally, I think that the magic number for a console should be $500. If the plan is to build a state of the art console in 2019, they're problably going to compromise at $400. Microsoft has the right idea with the $500 price tag.

Really, cause the last time MS launched a system at $500, it was a disaster. Now XBX looks great, but I'm skeptical about how much market share it can really win back against Sony.
If SWTOR is the Titanic, than Guild Wars 2 is the Iceberg....

User Info: Boogie_WoogieWu

5 months ago#14
bluefantasy posted...
Not all of us are dudebro shooter players

I have over 200 games installed on my One that don't fit that description.

Hell, the main reason I even have any that do is because of GwG.

The bulls*** claim that the only games that are available on the One are "dudebro shooters" is a f***ing stupid, ignorant, USDA Prime Bulls*** claim.

Hell, even a number of the MS published games don't fit that description.

Also, guess what one of the main demographics of console gamers is.

Those that play "dudebro shooters."

There's a reason there is an over-saturation of that type of game, people, including the idiots that b**** and moan about them and claim they're never buying another ever again, keep buying them, release after release, year after year, on PC, PS, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.

That doesn't mean those companies aren't making other games as well, but they sure as s*** ain't selling in the multi-million copy range like the "dudebro shooters" do, hell, most of them are lucky to brake 1 million, and that includes the types of games that everybody seems to b**** and moan about wanting.

Everybody seems to want JRPGs, but many of those same people go and buy that rehashed FPS with an annual release every year that they constantly b**** about and wait for any JRPG that is exactly what they have been asking for to be heavily discounted or given away for free before ever touching it.

User Info: andri_g

4 months ago#15
So, is the solution for the XBox One X (XBOX, not the original XBX) JRPFPSGs?

[ It would be nice to see more XBX games receive XBOX support, though. ]
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