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Xbox 360 - Questions from a collectors perspective

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User Info: Dynamix606

6 months ago#1
Im someone with a HUGE backlog of Games and a big 360 Collection. I own 3 xbox 360, 2 S and 1 E, just Love this System.

1. How will they Handle Game Patches for "old" Games? Example: Sacred 2 (i mean in the Future of the 360), like if im putting the Disc the First Time in my 360.

2. How long will it be supported with xbox Live?

3. If they cut Off xbox live from the 360, what will happen with my Achievements that i Unlock while the Console is offline ? (I have an xbox One too), will they Stop syncing with my gamertag?

4. Xbox live Arcade has SO MANY gems, so One day People Can't buy those great Games?

I invested a lot of my hard earned Money in my 360 Collection, i want to enjoy it for f***ing ever.

Aren't xbox One and xbox 360 Connected to the same xbox Live Servers? Does this mean 360 will be online forever ?
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User Info: JonnyBoyFF

6 months ago#2
1. As long as the Xbox Live servers are up for the 360, you'll automatically download the patches when you boot the game while connected to the Internet.

2. I have no idea how long Xbox Live will remain for 360. They're still releasing free Xbox 360 games for Gold members every month though, and there don't seem to be any signs of it slowing down. Obviously they want for people to move to Xbox One, but the Xbox 360 have a massive, massive user base, and it look many years for the original Xbox servers to shut down.

3. Achievements that are unlocked while offline stay attached to that local gamertag profile, but will only sync when you go online. I'm not sure if there's a way to transfer your profile via USB, for example, to an Xbox One to sync the achievements on that console, but that would be your option (when the 360 XBL servers go down).

4. There are actually many XBLA games that you can no longer purchase. These are mostly due to licensing. However, you can still re-download them from your order history, and if a game is compatible with Xbox One, you will be able to download it on there.

5. I'm not certain if they are on the same servers or not, but there's no reason that they couldn't one day decide to drop the 360 support in favor of dedicated Xbox One support. It's going to boil down to how much money the 360 servers are making and if it's worth it to pander to people that haven't moved on.

Time will tell, but I suggest you take a day to boot the games up to get the latest patches (most probably wont be patched from here on out, so you'll probably have the final version). Keep an eye on the sales and get any digital games that you're interested in. Also get your DLC before it goes away. For example, I missed out on getting Darth Vader on Soul Calibur IV cause I took too long. I am still a little bummed about that.
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User Info: Dynamix606

6 months ago#3
Thanks a lot !

Does the xbox Ones BC Service mean the 360 (the Console itself) will remain forever online ? Since the xbox one uses 360 Games?

Anyone here have more Information about this ?
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User Info: Briareos__H

6 months ago#4
Just as an aside here, hard drives for the 360 are plentiful and cheap at the moment. I bought a couple and just downloaded all the games (+updates and DLC) I wanted to keep as a backup, just in case.

As long as people are playing the games, MS isn't going to take them down and I doubt they even have a timescale for it at this stage. When the removed the OG Xbox support the stats showed that only Halo 2 had players still in double figures. So until we get to that point, Xbox Live for 360 is safe.

User Info: excitebike64

6 months ago#5
No one knows - not even Microsoft. But with emphasis on BC and crossplay, I see the 360 side of Live staying around a bit. Just keep in mind some games and featured DLC will still disappear from the market due to either lack of interest or licensing periods ending with various owners.
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