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Possible to get rid of achievements with this method?

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User Info: stawg007

7 months ago#1
So I absolutely hate getting achievements in games where its impossible to 100%, not being able to get them from lack of skill is fine but knowing that something is impossible to unlock because of shutdown servers is another

My nephew started playing skate 3 on my account on xbox one and ended up unlocking a few achievements and then i realised that the skate park service thing has been shut down (thanks EA)

However, i still have a version of the account on my old 360 from months back that hasnt been updated with these achievements

I was wondering if i deleted my account on the xbox one, started playing my offline account on 360 and maybe unlocked a few achievements on that offline account and then went online with it, would it sort of overwrite the xbox one version?

Or will it simply connect to live with both the achievements iv just unlocked as well as the skate 3 achievements? I know, i know, its really not something I should care about but the OCD in me just finds unobtainable achievements annoying as hell
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User Info: stawg007

7 months ago#3
beautifuldreams posted...
if your X1 was online or has been online since your cousin unlocked the achievements, they're synced and your stuck with them. syncing an old profile won't undo them. if the X1 was offline and hasn't been online since, you could delete the profile on the X1

Yeah, i figured as much

Thanks anyway
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User Info: bungiefan

7 months ago#4
Steam, PSN, and Xbox Live do not allow you to delete achievements without deleting your account. Once they sync to the server, you are stuck with them.

User Info: shotgunheadshot

7 months ago#5
Achievements has to be the dumbest feature a console can have. Has to be top 5 worst ideas that a company comes up with.

User Info: Porcupine

7 months ago#6
Unfortunately there is no way to get rid of them. Even less known is the fact that Apps can invisibly add a history and "achievements" into your gamertag...however they usually aren't visible and only serve to make the size of your gamertag file larger. Especially annoying is the fact that there is a bug that can allow Apps to bleed into other profiles. For example if a different user on your console runs the Youtube app, under some conditions it can be transferred to your profile even though you never ran Youtube.
I have a permanent 5/1000 in Elite: Dangerous, because I d/l'ed the demo and unlocked an achievement. In the DEMO. I was like WTAF.
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User Info: The Chad

The Chad
7 months ago#8
It's probably easiest to not care at all, honestly. It'll save you time and energy.

User Info: WhyWontHeFall

6 months ago#9
Online achievements are lame to begin with, yeah I can sympathize with you.

User Info: VeryDarkSoul

6 months ago#10
i use my achievements list as a way to show all the games i've played, which is like 200 on the 360
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