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What games are you proud to 1000/1000?

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User Info: gun_grave_

6 months ago#11
Dragons Dogma DA
Resonance of Fate

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User Info: Waluigi_FOREVER

6 months ago#13
Infinite undiscovery. Spent so much time with that game. Had to beat it around 3 times I think and had to make a list of all the items and check them off as I got it. That item one was mind numbing. I don't play for achievements anymore now though.
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User Info: Thedespair

6 months ago#14
Borderlands one
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User Info: clyde_frog

6 months ago#15
The Top Crusader posted...
Avatar the Last Airbender

This. You know how many minutes that took me??

User Info: Big_Nabendu

6 months ago#16
Took me 3 to 5
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User Info: Randallisevil

6 months ago#17
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. it's also the only game I 1000/1000

User Info: vagrant718

6 months ago#18
Ninja gaiden 2
PSN/XBL: Vagrant718

User Info: TsC_PoLiTiKz

6 months ago#19
Marvel Ultimate Alliance, Dead Rising, Left 4 Dead, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet
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User Info: thekingoftown

6 months ago#20
The Top Crusader posted...
Avatar the Last Airbender

NBA 2k 17 The Prelude

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