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Can't Believe It's Really Over

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User Info: magx

6 months ago#1
We're a few years into the current gen and in my mind I still think of it as the new generation but every once in a while I stop by here (or look at the 360 release list) and I am assaulted with a large dose of reality- I'm aging, death is approaching and the 360/PS3 generation really is in the past.....years in the past in fact.

The **** man. It just sneaks up on ya.
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User Info: GodDogs

6 months ago#2
I hear ya. Not too long ago I realized that the first Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed are officially 10 years old this year. Ten freaking years. And I remember it like it was yesterday.
It does not matter where we go. It is not the destination that is the journey.

User Info: thekingoftown

6 months ago#3
People who were young when it came out can be nostalgic for it now
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User Info: Overburdened

6 months ago#4
I upgraded 2weeks ago. Until then I was loving my 360, still had hundreds of titles to play.

Finally caved in as it was my birthday, got a One and wholy crap is it good.

I don't regret playing my 360 for so long, wasn't interested in a X1. But having now upgraded. I can't imagine I'll be back on my 360 much at all, probably use it as a DVD player now.

Many many good times on it.

Requiestat en pache.
When the Lion Devours Both Dragon and Child.

User Info: Santo3485

6 months ago#5
Nah. I still play my Xbox 360 and PS3. Just imported some region free shmups to both consoles last week: Espgaluda 2 for the 360, Caladrius Blaze and Ketsui for the PS3.

Heck still got my Dreamcast and Wii hooked (mainly to play Gamecube games). Atm I'm using those consoles more than the Xbox1.
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User Info: JCuster

6 months ago#6
It's not dead with me, since I still have achievements to get in several single player games. I plan on letting my subscription expire this month, though.
Only if you say the word "Monkey."

User Info: FireDrakeZ

6 months ago#7
It is not over for me yet either. I still haven't played a lot of good titles especially console exclusives and poor PC ports from the previous generation on my Xbox 360 so I still use it. The ones that Xbox One gamers play on their console I can generally get on my PC on Windows 10 with the Play Anywhere option(except for Xbox One exclusives like Halo 5 and Halo Master Chief Collection), so I never saw the need to get an Xbox One just for those 2(since I already have most of the Halo collection on Xbox 360 anyway). Obviously I am missing a lot of Playstation exclusives since PS3 and PS4 tend to have more of those, but with my huge PC and Xbox 360 backlog(more than a thousand), I don't really see a need for those either at the moment.

User Info: metaldiggle2

6 months ago#8
I haven't played on my 360 itself in the longest time, but I still have been playing plenty of 360 games that are new to me via BC on XB1.
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User Info: MoreRpgs

6 months ago#9
Better generation than this current one

User Info: bulletproofvita

6 months ago#10
MoreRpgs posted...
Better generation than this current one

So true
PSN: bulletproofvita
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