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Your last 3 games you played and progress

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User Info: Ghostfeet

11 months ago#31
Still playing Terraria, though I don't think I've ever truly stopped. Latest project these days has been constructing and fine tuning my hoik engines. I've got one established for automated bomb production. I get a few hundred bombs an hour if I let it run. Also made some tweaks to my moon arena. Thinking today I'm going to work on building a proper hallow farm for a rod of discord.

I've also started slowly getting back into Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen, my alt is almost level 80.

And mobile games on my phone. Mainly FF Exvius. Good times.
I am a cat, who thinks he's a dog, and is trapped within a mans body.

User Info: metaldiggle2

11 months ago#32
The Walking Dead: Season Two

Completed the full story. I had originally completed this on 360, but played through this again on XB1 since it was a GWG. Ultimately, I found that I made a lot of the same decisions this time around. Even though I thus knew the final plot twist, I still chose the same ending: Clementine walking alone, carrying Alvin Jr. through a field of walkers.

Tennis in the Face

Finished the game, earning a crown in about half of all levels.

Three Fourths Home: Extended Edition

Did just about everything there is to do with this brief 'game.' This title catches a lot of flak. Mostly for not being a game. This is fair, it's more of a brief visual novel. But for what it was, I enjoyed it. Found the story interestingly emotional and I feel like it may be one that a lot of people my age could probably relate to.

All three were a quick and easy 1000/1000, btw.
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User Info: GameKing59

10 months ago#33
Trying to reach Peaceful Rest Valley

Trying to get past the final part in the elf forest.

3.Yo-Kai Watch.
Got all the wanted Yo-Kai awards, now working on maxing out my Yo-Kai to take on Orcanus.

User Info: YOMAMMA9998

10 months ago#34
At the last boss on Persona 5 180ish hours in
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User Info: YOMAMMA9998

10 months ago#35
I was very wrong that was not the final boss
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User Info: MoreRpgs

10 months ago#36
Persona Revelations - In the last part of the game, towards the good ending
Breath of Fire 1 - Need to find some hermit for some advice
Dragon Quest 4 - Doing Alena's chapter, gonna participate in some fighting tournament

User Info: Big_Nabendu

10 months ago#37
Bought 3 games yesterday
Finally own all dbz games. Looking to boost.

DBZ Burst Limit
Good solid gameplay. Each character feels like that all have differebt moves and not just a copy and paste. On batte with vegeta and captin ginyu.

DBZ Battle of Z
Reminds me of a beta Xenoverse. Beautiful environments. Its really good and cements that DBZ UT is the worst peice of crap.

Blue Dragon
Pretty lil fun game. Got the shadows and are in the world map now. Had to turn it off when i chose monks for two characters when i wanted it for one. Wanted the barrier class for jico. I know i can get it later but still.
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User Info: Romega1

10 months ago#38
Life Is Strange (PS3):

Easy platinum trophy. Very good game.

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection (Xbox 360):

Fun collection of games. 1000/1000 G.

Darksiders (Xbox 360):

Working on it. Good Hack 'n' Slash.
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User Info: Ghostfeet

10 months ago#39
Dark Souls Dusted this beauty off to get the last two achievements. 3 more miracles to go, my sl143 is somewhere in NG++(+?)

Skyrim Wrapping up a few questlines TG, DB and MQ. Then I'll move onto the companions.

Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen f***ed around in BBI.
I am a cat, who thinks he's a dog, and is trapped within a mans body.
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