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Your last 3 games you played and progress

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User Info: MertensCW

5 months ago#121
Been a while but here it is.
Finished Skyrim on the 360 and started another character, which I've left in progress.

Ended up getting an X1 so played a bit of Witcher 3 which I've had since it's release. I wanted to support CDPR and bought it back then for that reason but didn't play much of it because I want to get the dlc but put it off because apparently it's as large as the freaking patch I had to DL and that took hours with my internet. So it put me off dl dlc and same reason I haven't dl the bundled digital game but plan on let it all dl today and really begin playing.

Ended up liking skyrim so much.. got the special cash-in edition, played a bit of that and that's it. Didn't get far in either and will restart some other time, once I get mods for it and already Beyond Skyrim: Bruma mod caught my eye, my favorite city-home in Oblivion.
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User Info: metaldiggle2

5 months ago#122
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Finished the main story and have begun partaking in the side content (jobs, optional missions, misc. achievements, etc). Granted this, the 360 version, may be a sloppy port of the mobile release, I still had a blast with the main game. Semi-sweet moment though, XBROS... should I get a Switch next month, this may be the last game I play on my 360 for a long, long time. Maybe even ever. Would need to make room for the Switch, and since my XB1 also plays the majority of my favorite 360 games (and will play even more over time), the 360 makes the most sense to unplug (even if it was, perhaps, my favorite console ever). This game was the last non-BC part of my 360 backlog that I really had left.

Gone Home: Console Edition
Completed it several times. Did one run normally. Then also unlocked the achievements for the one minute finish and the ten minute document run. It was okay. I didn't dislike it as much as some of the people talking about it on the XB1 board did. It did conclude pretty underwhelmingly though, imo. I also found the side stories to be more intriguing than the main one. Still, to me, it was an excellent choice for GWG. I was interested in playing it, but didn't want to pay much at all for it. Because of GWG, I got all I wanted out of it for free.

Microsoft Sudoku
Just been occasionally playing the game on my laptop for short 5-10 minute bursts. Slowly approaching 100 puzzles completed, a mark that will unlock me the last achievement that I intend to unlock for this game.
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User Info: Big_Nabendu

4 months ago#123
Fallout Shelter
Can send 2 dweller parties now. Sweet

Pokemon Fire red
Started another game. FML

Dark Souls
Been playing a lot on mixer. Fantastic people watch me kick ass
Dashboard or die, forest ganker.
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User Info: KCJ5062

4 months ago#124
Mega Man 10 - Finished it with all three playable characters
Mega Man & Bass - Finished it with both MM and Bass
Injustice 2 - Played some multiverse events with the last few recently DLC characters
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User Info: metaldiggle2

4 months ago#125
Q.U.B.E. Director's Cut
Completed the main game (secrets included) and earned enough of the timed mode medals to be able to get to the second to last level for said mode (needed for the last achievement). Not the most polished of the first person puzzle games that I've played, but still good. Clever puzzles, a couple stumped me.

Life Is Strange
Completed the full season, taking all optional photos in the process. What a pleasant surprise. Did not think I'd care for this but really ended up enjoying it. Such an emotional game. And those endings... damn. I didn't think the ending of TWD Season 1 could ever be topped (to me) on an emotional level, but LiS most certainly did top it imo. Now I'm interested in “Before the Storm.”

The Turing Test

Completed the game (including all extra puzzles). Also chose to witness both endings, though unlike in LiS, I don't regret my initial decision. Good puzzles, though this stumped me less than most other games of the same breed. Great GWG choice.

UNO (+1)
1000/1000'd it. There are a lot of things that I do not like about this version (XB1 version) of the card game, but it's still UNO. So it's still fun.
Chicago Cubs - 2016 World Series Champions
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