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Xbox 360 squeaky controller problem

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User Info: nightcola

1 year ago#1
I brought a new Official XBOX 360 wired controller and both analogue sticks squeak. I returned the Item and my replacement same squeaky analogue problem. I returned that and brought a controller from a different store and guess what ... same problem again. I had my last one for about 4 years and it never squeaked at all. So my question really is advice here. Is it normal for controllers to squeak like that when new ? what should I do about it ? It seems I can't find a non squeaking one. I am hesitant to use something like WD 40 in cause that voids anything else on it.

User Info: GodDogs

1 year ago#2
hmm this is not normal from my experience but I have had some squeak before. I think it might just need some time to "break in" or you could use some rubbing alcohol on it.
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User Info: OgesMC

1 year ago#3
Try a wireless one? I have two for years and no issues. Only squeak I ever heard was one of cousins wired controllers that one of the triggers squeaked, it was like 6 years old however. Since Wavebird I have never bought another wired, don't know why people still choose to.
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

1 year ago#4
they're all like that. my new wireless one is like that, read all the reviews on amazon, full of reports of this problem. It was annoying the first weak but my ears cancel it out now and I never noticed the squeak
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User Info: VeryDarkSoul

1 year ago#5
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User Info: noid00

1 year ago#6
I've only experienced squeaky analogue sticks on worn-out controllers after many years of use, never on new ones. One of my controllers had squeaky triggers when it was new, but that fixed itself after using it for some time. Perhaps you simply need to 'break in' the controller a bit? If all the new ones are like that, then there is nothing you can do anyway, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.

User Info: fanboymaycry

1 year ago#7
The squeak goes away after the controller gets "broken in" from usage over time. I've only had one controller with a "squeaky" analog out of owning close to 10 of them so far.

If you don't want to just play through it til it goes away, then you can try a properly applied lithium based lubricant to safely eliminate it on day 1.
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