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Rate the Game Day 1: L.A. Noire

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User Info: TheAwesomeMatt

4 years ago#21
LA Noire is like the perfect example of a 7/10, you can see that the developers tried to make it as good as possible but there's just something lacking that would push it to the next level.

The Saboteur suffers from the same thing.
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User Info: Overburdened

4 years ago#22
I haven't played it. My friend Effin' loves it though. All those kinds of games, godfather 2, Mafia etc.
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User Info: horror_spooky

4 years ago#23
Sheepinator posted...
horror_spooky posted...
Sheepinator posted...
For future topics you might want to order the options in reverse.


Easier for everyone. The bulk of ratings are likely to be around 8's for high profile games, at least well above 5, therefore it's easier for people to parse if their most likely selections are near the start. It also makes more sense when viewing the result, since currently a 10/10 game would have the bottom bar filled up. You don't usually associate "best" with "bottom" when it comes to rankings.

Ah, didn't think of that.

I'll probably flip it around for the next game. Someone on the PS3 board recommended Vanquish so that will go up next
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User Info: HouseOfBlades

4 years ago#24
Even if the story was a slow start it ended strong, for all the other flaws I can look pass. So it's a between a 7-8 to me.

User Info: moogie101

4 years ago#25

I was so looking forward to this game & ended up so disappointed.

The much ballyhooed facial technology for me didn't look any better than what other games were using.
The whole body language being used was Junior Psychology for kids. Ooh, they've got their arms crossed, they can't maintain eye contact. Get out of here that every person you spoke to followed these basic principles.
Walking around crimes scenes. Either have the music on & give away too quickl;y, or off & you're picking up random stuf for hours just to see if its relevant. Hardly exciting stuff.

So many options with the free roam world but felt like mafia 2, very little to do outside the main missons.
The story bored the hell out of me & every "twist" was clearly signposted.

As you may have guessed, i didn't like it!

User Info: VasDeferens

4 years ago#26
7/10 for me too .

Nice story and the presentation was good, but so linear . No re-playability factor . If you can't be bothered to buy it just watch a video walkthrough on youtube . You'll get the same choices I was presented with .

User Info: Oemenia

4 years ago#27
The games most important selling point made no sense whatsoever and we all know what you do during the rest of it.
100% PC/PS3/360

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#28
Too many children in this topic.

Once GTA5 hits they'll disappear.
This is a message board to express opinions, idiot.

User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#29

User Info: horror_spooky

4 years ago#30
Gunvalkyrie2 posted...
Too many children in this topic.

Once GTA5 hits they'll disappear.

because attacks on someone's character is so very mature
Just when they think they got the answers, I change the questions..
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