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Gamefaqs Poll results. Really???

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User Info: RandytheShrew

5 years ago#351
I like buying new but when they run outta new ones im usually forced to buy preowned i like the money i save and i dont put my credit card online it bugs me to now that theres such a slim chance that some dumbass nerd could somehow get my credit card number idk i dont like the risk of losing my savings.
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User Info: 95_Eclipse

5 years ago#352
Dartkun posted...
95_Eclipse posted...
AJ2412 posted...
From: Zrodeath | #343
i never buy anything used so it wouldnt affect me
hope this kills gamestop

Gamestop is awesome, man. The hell are you talking about?

Its "cool" to hate gamestop.

Yes because exclusivity rights to certain games from appearing on steam and must be purchased via box copy is cool.
Crappy exclusive preorder DLC to the store when not everyone has access to those stores is cool.

In other words "WAHHH! I'm just your typical self entitled gamer of the 21st century! Gamestop stops me from getting every little thing ever! "

Get over it, its not like exclusives kill the game.

In fact, supported a lock out of used games is going to increase exclusives.
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User Info: Mr_Big_Boss

5 years ago#353
If the industry wasn't so greedy, charging $60 for a brand new game, more copies of the games would sell.
Lower the price of all new games to $20 and so many people would be willing to buy more games at launch, AND it would also help diminish the second hand market (more money directly to developers).

I know this will never happen, their greed wouldn't let it.
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User Info: asher1611

5 years ago#354
Banana_Mana posted...
RubMyDucky posted...
There are many things wrong with blocking used games and I'm pretty sure it violates customer rights.

Ah, yes the random legal knowledge of the random internet browser.

I'm a million percent sure that you are right.

As someone with actual legal knowledge, I'll just post this:

As a general rule, MS is a private company and can sell and distribute games however it wants.

If it wants to use always on DRM it will likely do so through its xbox live service, and to use that consumers have to agree to the TOS.

Thus, if you're using Live, and you've agreed to the contract, you have consented to being denied use of used games.

It cannot be an unfair and deceptive trade practice when you, as a consumer, agree to the practice itself. There is no violation of consumer rights. Anti-trust? That's another matter entirely, but I doubt it.

User Info: strayfies

5 years ago#355
If the publishers want to squeeze every last nickel they can out of us, well that's pretty much par for the course. I don't buy used games, I don't care about people who do. This is already one of the most abusive industries to its customers, since gamers can't seem to help themselves with their money.

User Info: The Devourer

The Devourer
5 years ago#356
I don't buy a lot of used games but I get new games cheaper by trading in old games as well and sometimes I do buy used games, especially because they have deals for used games much more often than new games. It doesn't even bother me if they have the junky cases because I print off my own covers and put them in a legit case.

And the person citing the price difference. It's not always that low. I can get a game for 30 new or 25 used. Then I can get a 10% discount on top of that, which means I need less than 25 to actually buy the game since that covers tax and then some. And that's assuming they aren't offering other deals for used games at all which isn't uncommon.

Then let's talk about game return policies. Oh right. There aren't any except for used games. Meaning you can take a chance and buy a game used and return it if you don't like it. Something else you can't do if you buy new.

Now what about taking your game to someone else's house? You would then be blocked from playing it on their console because lol you can't do used games. You can't borrow games, you can't take games over to other places, it effectively eliminates the majority of potability options in the gaming scene.
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User Info: john7281

5 years ago#357
When I buy a game be it new or used I will not buy a game without a case or booklet. I don't care and the idea of buying download only games on a console is beyond stupid and it hurts the industry. I know a lot of people who don't buy games when they come out, and will sometimes buy after borrowing or renting one from someone else. To take that away from the gamers is basically say you don't care what your fans think at all, you only care about yourselves. I for one have bought a lot of used games, mostly cause to me $50 is a lot more doable for spending on a game than $60. I know that it is only $10 but that is sometimes the difference, it's not a lot but it is at the same time. I would have no problem with this is the games cost no more than say 25-30 but anything higher would be a slap in the face.

I think if it goes this way, it will put a lot of companies under unless they have deep pockets. Most people won't pay for a game unless it's something they really want regardless, or if they have already played it and knows it is something they like. For me I would probably quit playing, cause more than 70% of the games aren't worth buying, not for $45-60 at least. To warrant that money the game needs to be something with a good story and not going to be beat in 5-6 hours, need at least a 15-20+ hour game and even that is short for the cost.

User Info: cambosteve

5 years ago#358
I buy quite a few used games. I'm just when people think used games they immediately assume you're buying at gamestop when there are plenty of other sources to buy used software from like Amazon for example. The reason why I buy used? Well there are times were I'll miss out on a game/series and when I get into said game I'll want to buy em. Usually, they'll have it for cheap online and generally a lot less for used. And sometimes finding them new is next to impossible.

User Info: Marnex15

5 years ago#359
This is my reasoning for why I don't entirely support some sort of block against used games:

Can you imagine if the Gamecube blocked used games and you were even slightly interested in playing all of those games? You'd have to pay over $250 just to get them all new. And those prices are hindered with the used game market competition. Imagine the prices if people know that you can only buy them new.

And we're also talking about fairly known games here. Imagine if the Playstation also blocked used games and you wanted to play these more rare games:

You'd have to pay over $600 for them new instead of $150 used. That's a pretty major difference.

You could argue that Microsoft and Sony could put all of the games digitally in their stores or something, but then what happens if the game you want isn't there (like with the previous examples: Suikoden II and Tomba 2, neither of which are on PSN) or what if the game you want sold poorly or has minimal demand and neither company sees much of a point in putting it in their digital stores? Or what if a game was only released in Japan and you'd have to pay a ridiculous price for a brand new imported copy?

Forget about only sticking to one console and skipping the other one. God forbid you develop some interest in the console you missed years later and want to get it along with some old games.
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User Info: hak145

5 years ago#360
i just dont understand why companies are making things harder for the person to save money.... This is why i do not like preventing used games. They are a way to save money for the consumer. People have a right to do whatever the hell they want with there games when they buy it.Instead of trying to destroy the competition from other companies, why can't sony and microsoft actually you know try to save the consumer the money and therefore earn the respect of the consumer. Obviousely not at he cost of profits, but there are ways to trim the cost for the consumer. Look at steam.
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