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You Are now stuck in the the world of the last video game you played

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User Info: minigingernuke

5 years ago#1
How screwed are you?
Halo 4
alright i suppose cause the chief returned

User Info: HajimeNoIppo

5 years ago#2
The Walking dead - Pretty screwed.(Food wise) Out smarting zombies aint hard.

If I can take my character's place, I'll be alright. Got a nice apartment, got a decent amount of money, it'll be a little wierd, but some of those Elvaan chicks are hot.
"It's not about money, it's about sending a message. Everything burns."

User Info: AustintheCleric

5 years ago#4
Far Cry 3. The jungle rules.

User Info: JON4495

5 years ago#5
I'd be stuck in Journey, which I've just started playing ten minutes ago. Wouldn't be that bad I suppose, spending my days flying across deserts on magic carpets.

User Info: HeLeeham

5 years ago#6
Borderlands 2. I'm screwed.

User Info: Lozh900

5 years ago#7
Borderlands 2 so I'm on pandora.

So vault hunters everywhere and various bandits and vicious creatures.

If I look outside of the window irl it seems like pandora because its been snowing heavily. I made it to work ok though thankfully.
XBL/GFW-L : Loz Gloss Hill / PSN : JenovaRebirth / Steam : Jenova19848 / WiiU ID : ???
i7 2600k @ 3.8ghz / 8gb ram / Gtx 560 / 1tb hdd / win 7 home 64bit

User Info: Kupo_Mog_Kupo

5 years ago#8
Devil May Cry

User Info: RevZoom

5 years ago#9
The post-invasion NewYork of Crysis 2... I guess it depends if I get the nano-suit. If not, then I'd be in a great deal of trouble...

GT: oO Durden Oo
Currently Playing: Crysis 2, Dishonored, Halo 4: SO & The Walking Dead

User Info: cup_a_soup

5 years ago#10
Plants vs Zombies.

I would love to be stuck in the FFXI world though. So long as I could be my Elvaan :p
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