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9 Year Old Girl getting 360 for Christmas

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User Info: Raziel-Legacy

5 years ago#121
Lewis_Black posted...
Being a "good" parent is not easy, but being a knowledgeable and caring parent is.

Best part of the whole thing.
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User Info: CTImp

5 years ago#122
pothocket posted...
BlueJester007 posted...
CTImp posted...
Topics like this always surprise me. As a child my parents never took steps to shield me from most forms of mature content, nor did they with my younger brother. Growing up most of my friends played M rated games and watch R rated movies long before the suggested age too. Yet, on a gaming forum, that I would think would bring in a younger and less strict demographic, the prevailing opinion always seems to be that kids should only experience PG content.

What would I get a 9 year old? Good games. Halo, Mass Effect, Lego games, Nuts & Bolts, or even better the stuff that you enjoy as well.

Best post so far.

I stand by my original statement. Get her The Walking Dead.

Parenting, don't tell other people how to do it. If they don't want their 9 year old daughter having sex or casually swearing while playing a game, you have to respect that.

I’m not trying to tell people what to do or advocating giving a 4 year old God of War, alcohol, and a hunting knife as a babysitter. I’m just surprised by peoples general opinion when it comes to mature content and minors. It seems most lose all comprehension of what it was like being a kid. I look at these comments and see people recommending Kinect, Disney movie games, and feeling that the E for everyone Portal 2 is somehow inappropriate for a 9 year old.

At 9 you aren’t nestled to your mothers bosom watching Nick Jr all day. At 9 you’re in school for 7 hours a day, exposed to dirty jokes and vicious social cliques. You come home with the responsibility of a few hours of homework, and usually the freedom of riding your bike around or going to friends houses.

I hate to hear content ratings brought up too. ESRB is not a cure all babysitter. Parental rating systems and how people put faith in them has always been a pet peeve of mine. Individuals should familiarize themselves with the content then make informed choices for their kids, not look at a number or letter on the outside of a box.

A woman walking topless through a room to her bureau is considered so tawdry and torrid that it’s only fit for a premium cable channel. Yet, the onset of rape is perfectly fine for a PG daytime Soap. No one bats an eye at a decapitation when it happens to an Orc. That’s LotRs, that’s family fun. Sexual innuendo is given far more leeway than if a character says the word “damn.” Parental ratings are so flawed and people put far too much weight in them.

At 9, in my opinion, many children are most likely ready for anything a rating system considers PG-13/T with plenty of R/M rated titles perfectly suitable, while others aren’t. It’s obviously the parents choice though. Personally, I’d read through the topic and pick out the good games listed, not intentionally search out titles that pander to preschoolers.
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User Info: ZacTB

5 years ago#123
Lego Batman 2 is apparently good, and I liked Toy Story 3. The Sims 3 (I've got this, it's a good port, a lot like the PC version) and Sims 3 Pets as well. In terms of Arcade what about Castle Crashers, it's really fun and has a cartoon graphic style, you could play that with her as well, I think it has system co-op. Peggle and Plants vs. zombies are great also and then there is also 'Splosion Man (it's alright). And Trials Evolution is really fun.

Edit: Forgot about Rayman Origins and Minecraft. Minecraft would be a great choice, I think.
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