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Should I get Battlefield 3 or Black Ops 2?

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User Info: VerySolidusSnak

5 years ago#1
I'm a little torn. I want battlefield because of the variety, such as fighting on air, sea, and land. But, I also want Blops 2 because of the Multiplayer, Zombies, and the campaign (I heard good things.) Unfortunately, my problem with Blops 2 is that I get bored after a while just doing the same thing: Ground battles. Do a lot of people still play BF3?
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User Info: AeXrc

5 years ago#2
I have both, but I prefer Battlefield. I think the ability to drive vehicles on huge levels is tons of fun. Not to say Blops 2 isn't any fun. Just the formula is getting a bit tiresome. B3 is my first battlefield game, so I guess that may explain why I don't feel that way towards it.

There is still a community for Battlefield 3. A new map pack just came out so it might of seen a bit of a increase in activity.
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User Info: L0Z

5 years ago#3
CQC or Open Combat? Pick ONE
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User Info: glassghost0

5 years ago#4
Black Ops 2, I find Battlefield fun but I guess I'm just a CoD guy. I don't think the vehicles work that great in Battlefield, but I do like the larger environments. I like CoD because it's more fast paced, a BF match usually takes at least 30 minutes, at least that's what I've found.

Ultimately, it's down to you. If you're gonna play with a lot of friends, BF, if you're gonna go solo usually, Black Ops
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User Info: RedFive3

5 years ago#5
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User Info: Pacman2dx

5 years ago#6
Battlefield 3 is still going strong, user purchasable servers made sure of that .. honestly, it all comes down to whether you have a lot of friends willing to play with you. BF3 can be played solo, but it is a lot better with a room full of people you know.
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

5 years ago#7

If you go with a Call of Duty game, go with MW2.
It's the only one with big & medium maps (the the maps in MW3, Blops 1 & 2 are small)
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User Info: StrataElite

5 years ago#8
Battlefield 3 bro. CoD is for 3 year olds.

User Info: Koala262

5 years ago#9

User Info: Treewaller

5 years ago#10
For the online, BF3 by far. For the campaign, Blops 2 by far.
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