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What's the worst thing to ever happen to you in your gaming life?

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User Info: OaklandRaiderz

5 years ago#221
Some ps2 demo disk for a jak and daxter game that arrived in the mail from playstation underground (back when it was still around)

playing the demo disk completely wiped my memory card clean. it happened to everyone who tried it. all those hours of getting 100% in GTA3 and in getting all the gold practice test medals in GT3 gone.
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User Info: singhellotaku

5 years ago#222
yeah that one save file in pokemon was a death trap, I'd say mine was being buy the glitch in a holiday ps2 demo disc where if you hit the first checkpoint under certain conditions in the viewtiful joe 2 demo youre memory card would become corrupt and demand a format. I lost years of save files including a Disgaea file with 300 hours on it and my old superweapon files for A rankings/>3 hour playthoughs for the ps1 resident evil games. That sucked.


5 years ago#223
The (creative) demise of the Call of Duty franchise. And how it's affected Battlefield titles for the worst, in result

User Info: Demonosse

5 years ago#224
Someone stole my FF7. I loved that game. Had for just a lil' more than a year. Took it to a friends house cause we were having a guys night at his place. We fell asleep and there were other guys there too. When we woke up some of the guys had already left and one of them snatched my FF7. I will find the bastard and he will BLEED!!!!!!!!!!
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User Info: halwende

5 years ago#225
Rockstar did this "key to the city" promo thing where you'd get a real silver key, for free, if you got 100% completion in GTA IV in the first week or release

Took a week off my office job, loved the game and got 100% with a day or so to spare. Sent off the paper form (it even needed a witness sig!). Made sure my stats were all 100% synced on Social Club site and read all the small-print (country exclusions blah blah). I was so excited but...

Never heard a thing. To this day I don't know if I it was mistake on the form or what, maybe my key got posted and stolen from my mail? No response from emails either (surely someone there knows a list of winners or if it was sent??) so yeah. Kinda had hard feelings to Rockstar ever since :(

User Info: SoF-Rambo

5 years ago#226
Lost about $500+ because Sony doesn't know how to make a durable handheld. Used up all my system registrations, with no way to deactivate them.

PSP's just aren't worth the repair cost (fixing the display is like, more than half the cost of the system itself), and the one I have currently only get's turned on when I feel like playing an old Smackdown VS. Raw game.
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User Info: PantherRider

5 years ago#227
aamot posted...
Game Informer's April issue detailed how to get a Yoshi in Pokemon Red/Blue by trading a Dragonite back and forth 100 times. We bought the magazine in like July so we had no idea that it was an April Fool's joke lol.

OMG i hate that! i remember a long time ago my friend and i read on a gaming magazine(egm? and online we saw it too) that there WAS a nude mode in DoA XBV and the only way to obtain it was to complete your seven day stay in 7 minutes or less... An impossible feat, i did it because i really wanted to see DoA XBV nude version... It took me like 5 days to do it in too, my fingers beat that a button to oblivion i tell you and as soon as i got through the "vacation" in 6 minutes I got so happy i called my friend and it was around midnight on a school night, he told me to wait up and he came over to check it out... to our dismay no nude mode.

User Info: PantherRider

5 years ago#228
gamerman57 posted...
When I accidentally deleted my first Animal Crossing town. It was perfect. By perfect I mean that the layout was perfect. To me anyway. I had loads of foreign fruit, great neighbors, fully paid off house, and a completed museum. I have made other towns since then but they have all paled in comparison. God I loved that town. It has been years and years since it happened and I still remember everything about that town. I even remember the exact date I started it (Saturday, October 16, 2004). Sometimes when I made a new town I changed the date on my Gamecube to that date with the slightest hope that the town created would be similar. It never was.

I even attempted to recreate it with an AR but the guy who wrote the FAQ on AC hacking closed his account which caused the FAQ to disappear.

It all happened when I went to delete my other town. I was sure I had the right memory card in. So when Tangy greeted me (she was in both towns) at startup, I deleted it. I wish I loaded the town just to double check that I had the right one. There is a chance I might have done it on purpose but either way the outcome was the same and I soon realized what a horrible mistake I had made.

Actually, this event is what caused me to create my GameFAQs account. My first topic was on the AC boards and I asked if there was anyway to customize a town.

Man i feel for you... I loved that game too! i got close to completing several towns but in the end i said "**** it". I loved the original for the GC, but the new one for the DS i found really lame i don't know why but it just flat out sucked i don't know it had the same essential stuff but it felt like some holidays were missing like i don't know how to describe it but i guess they took stuff out and added new stuff in but the new stuff didn't do anybit of justice to the stuff they removed.

Another one of my stories ok! I got a 3 C's on a report card... My mom got pissed at me... She went into my room(i was about 10 years old at the time) and i had a crap load of model airplanes in my room as well as my n64 and all of my games. She ran in there ripped out the wired mesh holding my model airplanes in place, it was like watching Godzilla, my poor poor planes that i constructed with my dad, they flew into walls and she destroyed ever last one of'm, Then she took my n64 threw it down the stairs, and whiile mad at me threw some of my games at me... they went out the window and into the street... she threw several games at me infact... my brother was just outside at the time so he was able to recover most. his friend stole 2 games from me, 007 Goldeneye and South Park... I was so sad that day as well i got the living snot kicked outta me.
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