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are u a supporter of DLC? or not?

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User Info: KazeShouten

6 years ago#31
I support it when it's done well (Gearbox, Bethesda), but not when it's done in a poor cash-in way (Capcom, SquareEnix). So I didn't vote.

User Info: CTBradums

6 years ago#32
headwounds13 posted...
Where's the part where I can decide what DLC to support on an individual basis? I mean, the concept of DLC can be used for both good and bad, how am I supposed to support or condemn that?

Exactly what I thought when I saw this poll. There's worthwhile DLC (Shivering Isles for Oblivion, in my opinion, was well worth it, since it added hours of well-scripted and interesting gameplay) and then there's insultingly pathetic DLC (pretty much anything from Bioware, but especially the 5-minute cut-and-paste dungeons with useless loot from DA:O).

I liked DLC when they were more appropriately titled as "expansions". I'd rather pay $30-40 for a worthwhile, content-filled addition that expands the game experience than $10 for downloadable content that consists of some cut-and-paste filler thrown onto the game that has no real weight to it.

User Info: NightDrifter05

6 years ago#33
If the DLC is post-release and wasn't something blocked out in the original game I'm fine with it. But DLC like Rage had where they removed missions from the game and charged you for them I don't support.

User Info: ediotsavant

6 years ago#34
DLc? What do you mean by DLC? Disc Locked Content from Capcom? Hell NO!
A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

User Info: Trugamer

6 years ago#35
Nemerlight posted...
DarkSymbiote posted...
I enjoy games that are complete. We need another industry crash to set consumers and publishers straight.

Sure thousands would lose their jobs but whatever makes you happy. Cant believe how silly people can be sometimes.

The industry has chosen to spit in the face of gamer's and call them stupid.

If people lose their jobs because of it that is the industries fault.

User Info: Rixgear

6 years ago#36
Disc Locked Content no i am not a supporter of that
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User Info: ohollywoodo

6 years ago#37
It has to be released steadily and be good.
You can't wait too long.. Like skyrim did.
For me, if it's not soon enough then I normally get bored of the game and then don't bother with the DLC.
If its not substantial, like awesomenauts (albeit free), it also does nothing for me and I then get bored of the game as normal.

For me, Alan wake did it well with the well spaced out DLC that added length to the game each time.
Borderlands also did well.

I'll buy it regardless of cost if the game itself was good and has kept my interest by the time the DLC is firmly announced with a release date of something sooner than later.
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User Info: Jukain

6 years ago#38
I support Downloadable Content. i.e. 'Expansion Packs' prior to this gen.

I do not support Disc-Locked Content. Anyone who does can die in a fire.
"In peace, vigilance. In war, victory. In death, sacrifice." ~ The Grey Wardens

User Info: realskillz1990

6 years ago#39
these options suck I support dlc if I think im getting my moneys worth for example the koa story dlc being 5 bucks a piece was reasonable but paying 2-3 bucks for a costume or a weapon is bs.
You release your game and it has disc locked content and day 1 dlc I will just buy your game used.

User Info: _Lime_Slime_

6 years ago#40
Jukain posted...
I support Downloadable Content. i.e. 'Expansion Packs' prior to this gen.

I do not support Disc-Locked Content. Anyone who does can die in a fire.

This. Although that dying in a fire stuff might be a bit much. How about making ugly faces at them or calling them names or explaining to them that they don't know the value of a dollar?
"I have to admire your prudent nature. Why get caught up in action, ya know? And results..." ~Yes Man
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