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  3. Disc is Unreadable Error...on a downloaded game.

User Info: RedBullWings

6 years ago#1
Can anyone explain this? I was playing Borderlands for a couple hours today (which I downloaded of the "games on demand" marketplace) and I got a disc is unreadable error. The same thing happened when I booted it up again too.

User Info: JascoD

6 years ago#2
Sorry, but that's lol-worthy!
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User Info: Resident Weevil

Resident Weevil
6 years ago#3
That is pretty funny.
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User Info: tycerius

6 years ago#4
Start a game disc that is readable and see what happens.

User Info: GinsuVictim

6 years ago#5
Delete it.
Download again.
Post your results.
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User Info: TwoNumbThumbs

6 years ago#6
Document it. Embarass microsfot. Rake in settlement. Profit
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User Info: RedBullWings

6 years ago#7
Ginsu Victim posted...
Delete it.
Download again.
Post your results.

Re-downloaded, still got the error. I'm hoping if I just give it a rest it'll help or something. This isn't the first time it happened either. I got a disc is unreadable on a demo months ago. I said then, and now "are you kidding me!"

Can't blame anyone for thinking it's funny. It is pretty laughable.

User Info: cdaro

6 years ago#8
lol And I thought it was weird when a downloaded game froze on me.
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User Info: Renamon

6 years ago#9
You guys realize that the hard drives are discs too, right?

The error really means that it can't read the data. If you've downloaded it several times and it still has the problem then your HDD is probably going bad. If you're using a flash drive then it's probably going bad.
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User Info: Scoter81

6 years ago#10
It can also be an error that gets incorrectly called up by something in the games programming. The xbla game Strania: 'The Stella Machina,' would occasionally give a DRE and crash when it was first released and it was later fixed through a patch.

I'd check with other players who got Borderland through GoD before making assumptions about hardware failure ect.
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